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Guide to Cyber Security

Find out what critical steps must be taken to develop an effective cyber security strategy and how you can protect what matters most and minimise the impact on your business.

What now for banks? The European Central Bank’s Comprehensive Assessment results

A review of the ECB’s Comprehensive Assessment results and implications for bank valuations

Ten top tips for private equity valuations

The last two years have been challenging for valuations due to the lack of transactions, volatility and uncertainty in the market. This has placed valuations high on the agenda of investors and regulators.

BVCA Private Equity and Venture Capital Performance Measurement Survey 2012

The Performance Measurement Survey, produced by the BVCA in association with PwC and Capital Dynamics, encompasses 510 UK-managed independent private equity and venture capital funds, and finds that the combined ten-year internal rate of return (IRR) stood at 15% for 2012, against 8.3% for total pension fund assets and 8.8% for the FTSE All-Share over the same period.

Flexibility in uncertain times - Private equity backed company survey 2013

Flexibility in uncertain times - Our 4th annual survey of private equity backed companies 2013

Supporting UK growth: Private equity backed company survey 2012

Supporting UK growth: Private equity backed company survey 2012 - private equity-backed companies remain focused on growth and are optimistic of achieving it.

Responsible investment: creating value from environmental, social and governance issues

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in the PE industry are increasingly in the spotlight. But many PE houses are struggling with how to demonstrate the value of their ESG activity.

Looking to the future - Private equity backed company survey 2011

With the leveraged buyout model's contribution to the economy being called into question in the wake of a debt crisis we set out to see how PE has fared in the last three years

Buying distressed assets

Buying distressed assets

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management