Research to insight

PwC’s Research to Insight (r2i) business is a specialist provider of research and evidence-based consulting services to an international client base. r2i works, in particular, with highly regulated businesses such as financial services and utilities. We also work with technology firms, pharmaceutical companies and across public sector clients that need to better understand important communities of interest such as customers, employees, citizens and channels to market.

Our research provides the evidence and insight that can drive strategic change, support decision-making and help organisations mitigate risk and build trust into core business processes. Research can be a critical tool to allow highly regulated businesses to meet compliance requirements, identify service performance gaps and better meet the needs of customers.

Please watch the following video around how r2i can help you unlock the real value in insight and data.

Conduct First: Assessing and Measuring Conduct Risk

r2i’s Conduct First solution is a very illustrative exemplar of the type of research-based solutions we build. Conduct First is a survey-based assessment designed to help clients define, measure and identify behaviour that results in conduct risk within their organisations. Armed with this information, clients can define remedial actions designed to modify employee behaviour and reduce associated risk, and build trust into customer relationships.

Conduct First is a scenario-based online employee survey in which respondents are presented with 'moral dilemmas' and asked to consider a range of potential actions they might take if faced with that situation.  Highly visual based reporting allows client organisations to better understand critical action needed to improve business performance now and in the future.

A Focus on Financial

At r2i we have deep understanding of the financial services industry and other regulated businesses. We undertake highly challenging research assignments for financial services clients – typically focusing on employee or customer experience, change management, or regulatory compliance. We bring to bear the latest Web surveying tools and qualitative insight, allowing management to make informed decisions based on evidence and understanding.

A Focus on Customers

We have built extensive market expertise in better understanding our clients’ customer relationships. We help, through research and insight, to maximise the value of customer relationships, and optimize both channel and product touchpoints.  We bring considerable international resources and methodologies to the table - as well as decades of customer-centric research expertise - in r2i's customer insight solutions.

Please contact us to discuss any research to insight requirement you may have or to discuss our capabilities and how they might benefit your business.