Responsible AI: how to build trust and confidence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as the defining technology of our age, with many industries already utilising AI in some form. And as humans and machines collaborate more closely, and innovations come out of the research lab and into the mainstream, AI offers transformational possibilities for consumers, businesses and society as a whole.

AI has the potential to transform business models – a new industrial revolution. But without assurance over the strategy, how it is implemented and the subsequent outputs and outcomes, boards are wary of giving the green light to AI. And if they do go ahead, they risk operating in the dark. So how can your business gain the control it needs to unleash the full potential of AI?

We’ve developed our responsible AI framework to strengthen confidence in how to effectively deploy AI solutions and have trust in their outputs.

We've developed our Responsible AI framework to strengthen clients' confidence.....the driving force isn't a suspicion of innovation but rather a zeal for it. We want consumers, businesses and civil society to capitalise on the opportunities.

We explore the challenges that such a framework would need to address, the opportunities it would open up and how it might work. The objective isn’t to stifle or slow down innovation, but rather to accelerate it, by giving boards the assurance and platform for execution they need to deliver the desired outcomes.

Our responsible AI framework provides a practical mechanism for ensuring effective monitoring and stewardship of AI outcomes. We believe that these foundations will enable your business to accelerate innovation and realise your AI vision.

72% of business leaders believe AI will be the business advantage of the future

20th Global CEO Survey, PwC, 2017

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