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Can you and your team keep up to date with the changes to UK GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)? PwC inform ( is an online resource for finance professionals.

Use PwC inform to access the latest news, guidance such as PwC’s Manuals of accounting, webcasts, comprehensive research materials and full text of the standards. PwC inform is a standalone website, enabling you to access the latest IFRS and UK GAAP information wherever you are, 24 hours a day.

Features include:

News page and e-mail alerts.

UK GAAP, IFRS and IFRS for SMEs all in one place. Reduce your research time by searching our vast research database containing the full text of standards and interpretations, exposure drafts, discussion papers, listing rules, Companies Act and much more. Includes a unique set of ‘versioned’ standards and interpretations showing all consequential amendments made by other standards and improvements.

PwC’s Manuals of accounting. Find detailed guidance easily in PwC’s comprehensive guides which are fully searchable and linked on PwC inform. The Manual of accounting series includes guidance on IFRS (global and IFRS for the UK), UK GAAP, financial instruments, narrative reporting, interim and preliminary reporting.

Bookshelf. Access content quickly and easily using the book icons on our Bookshelf page. Hover over an image for a description of the book’s content. Clicking on a book icon, for example IFRS Manual of accounting, takes you directly to that content on PwC inform.

IFRS topic summaries. Our Accounting Consulting Services team has compiled essential information on each of the major accounting subject areas, along with links to related standards and resources, to provide you with a quick and easy way of getting to grips with a topic.

Mobile-friendly. Access PwC inform on the go using your smartphone or iPad.

PDF creator. Make a print-friendly version of PwC inform content to save, print or read on screen.

IFRS comparisons. Summary and detailed comparisons between UK and International Financial Reporting Standards.

Real-life questions and answers. Look at over 1,000 real-life questions on current financial reporting standards compiled by PwC’s Accounting Consulting Services experts.

Best practice examples and model financial statements. See how other companies have treated particular transactions under IFRS and UK GAAP in these best practice examples from financial statements. Download PwC’s illustrative financial statements and disclosure checklists.

IFRS publications and newsletters. Access the latest editions of PwC’s financial reporting publications including the Manuals of accounting, a monthly IFRS newsletter, a quarterly accounting briefing covering UK and IFRS developments, IFRS pocket books, practical guides, ‘Straight Aways’ and more.

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