Meet the team

With 56 partners and over 600 staff in 24 offices, we are UK's largest business recovery team.

Whether a company has gone from thriving to surviving an imminent crisis, or is just looking to “fix the roof while the sun is shining”, we can support management teams to:

  • reduce balance sheet stress
  • generate cash and reduce costs
  • increase profitability
  • refinance and find the best source of capital to support business objectives
  • reduce long term pensions and other liability costs

Whatever the solution, we stand by your side pre-empting and managing road blocks until the job is done.


Ian Green

Head of Business Recovery Services, London


Karen Dukes

Partner, Corporate Simplification & Exit, London

Rob Hunt

Partner, Middle Market, Birmingham

Jonathon Land

Partner, Pensions, London, London

Tony Lomas

Chairman of UK Business Recovery Services, London

Steve Russell

Partner, Operational Restructuring, London

Heather Swanston

Partner, Refinancing & Restructuring, London

John Williams

Partner, Debt & Capital Advisory, London

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