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Unlocking product development value in M&A


Research and development organisations and the products and IP they develop are critical sources of value in deals.

Branch DNA Analysis


Branch DNA Analysis answers the question “what makes a good branch?”. This is a complex question that requires analysis of the 'DNA' of each branch that drives value creation - i.e. its staff, customers, products or services.By identifying what constitutes the DNA of a successful branch, businesses can improve the performance of the entire network.Branch DNA Analysis provides guidance on how each branch can close its performance gap. The guidance is tailored to the context of each branch so that the team on the ground can translate it into specific actions that can be implemented within a short period of time.

Insight you can rely on


Improving business performance through rapid business intelligence

Mission Control – How PwC Data Analytics is helping clients manage large complex capital programmes more effectively to time and budget


Mission Control is an Analytics solution which can help the client explore the following questions in relation to large complex capital programmes

Lack of speed and quality in your reporting?


Is your traditional approach to Business intelligence failing your business? We have the answer.

Your customers are always on: are you?


In a world exploding with potential, the way you embrace emerging technology, and the transformations it causes, will greatly affect your business. Be ready. Be part of it.

Client testimonials


Client testimonials

The EMEA Exchange: future proofing your business


Our exchange program gives senior executives at leading firms the community and network to share ideas and experiences related to growth, innovation, and technology.

The growth agenda


Growth can be achieved through range of opportunities but it requires leadership, empowerment and trust.

Delivering client value: Jaguar Land Rover – Efficiency and transparency


In this case study, we discuss the journey Jaguar Land Rover embarked on when they decided to embed Integrated planning and Enterprise performance management in their finance function, and how this has helped support a remarkable success story.

Using digital to deliver your customer outcomes


How digital brings new ways to create value for customers as they consume, which goes far beyond traditional transactions.

Delivering client value: A new destination for Kuoni


Helping Kuoni achieve integration success by combining the operations of two businesses to create an enlarged ‘Global Travel Services’.

Unlocking Potential: Finance effectiveness benchmark study 2013


Unlocking potential is our fifth annual benchmark report and outlines the latest findings of our analysis of more than 200 companies that have participated in benchmarking projects. The report draws upon detailed data from these organisations, together with observations of the leading practices that drive top performing finance functions.

Profitable growth in the digital age


Digital technology has transformed the scope, scale and potential of business over the last decade. And those that have harnessed its potential have achieved greater returns and higher engagement with their customers.

Superficial vs strategic


Analysis showing the benefits that can be gained from addressing cost strategically.

Remove complexity: Simplify and standardise your operating model


To stay competitive and be successful, we’re helping companies remove complexity so they are able to adapt and change to new market opportunities and operate at a lower cost. This viewpoint paper explores the challenges facing organisations today, gives an overview of our approach and the benefits of removing complexity.

Closing the gap in performance management


The findings of our research highlight that the uncertainty of recent years has accelerated the need for Finance to extend its role from being custodian of the numbers, to work alongside their peers to help shape and deliver strategy that will produce sustainable growth and profitability.

Stay ahead with the right operating model


Outlines how businesses can improve their value chain and operating model, the benefits and success stories.

Delivering client value: Thames Water - Enhancing performance through insight


To perform to the best of their ability, organisations need to base decisions on accurate, useful information, shared throughout the business so people have what they need, when they need it. Thames Water came to us to ask for help in creating a management information system. Managers working across the business needed the right information to improve their visibility of the business and be able to make the right decisions to improve performance. They also wanted to clearly show the workforce how they contributed to achieving the regulatory targets.

Recipes for success


Co-creating solutions at our MasterChef dinner launching the Transformation Directors NetworkAchieving successful change is complex and every business will face a number of challenges along the way. Effectively delivering this type of change is heavily dependent on the individual leading the programme and their ability to deal with any issues and uncertainties.PwC, recognising the crucial role that Transformation Directors play, have set up a Transformation Directors Network (TDN), which aims to bring together individuals in this role, working in multiple industry sectors to encourage sharing and learning from each others’ experiences.

Predict outcomes with analytics


Using big data and analytics will allow you to find correlations, discover unexpected patterns and predict future outcomes that you can then use to inform a strategic decision or action. Using the huge amounts of data that are available within your organisation, combined with external data and Analytic techniques and capabilities, you'll be able to gain the insights you need to make the right business decisions.

Improve business reporting


CEO's are increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of management information and performance reporting. The ability to make quick and confident decisions at every level of the business is constrained by reports and management information that take too much time and effort to produce. To combat this, organisations need to define the metrics required at every level of the business so they can monitor performance and deliver on their strategy, integrating management reporting, statutory reporting and operational reporting to deliver a single version of the truth.

Delivering client value


This case study looks at our work helping our client, a Global retailer, create a future blueprint for a world class group reporting system. This would establish a single, consistent source of financial information as part of its Group Consolidation vision. This transformational project dramatically reduced the year end intercompany consolidation process to just two days, integrated management and financial reporting for the first time and delivered the first single, integrated system across the group to capture group information in a consistent form.

Our Insights


Our insights

Integrate business plans


Many organisations still struggle with integrating the plans and forecasts of sales, marketing, operations and finance. They try to improve specific components of their planning process in isolation, which can cause misalignment of responsibilities across the business functions and a lack of clarity around the structure, timing and responsibility for hand off points. By closely aligning processes, data and technology across functions and geographies, you can keep your business focused on your overall strategic objectives rather than those of individual functions. This promotes integrated working practises, which will help to improve decision making and planning activities.

Put information at the heart of decision making


Enterprise performance management puts information at the heart of decision making to help organisations achieve their goals. It's based on our belief that information is what drives a business. It's not difficult to understand, but what can be quite hard is gathering this information and making sense of it, not to mention applying it across an entire company.

Set the right business targets


To ensure you are getting the best possible performance from your business, you must align your business strategy and the key performance indicators (KPIs) you use to set your goals, then link these with how you'd like to measure and reward your people. This will allows you to design and implement new measures which will give you a clearer link between performance and reward across the organisation. This will motivate your people to align their work and behaviour to the common business goals, creating superior performance across your business.

Beyond Sport


Since 2010, we have helped a multitude of organisations across the Beyond Sport network address a handful of key recurring challenges that those in the “sport for development” world are facing.

Putting your business on the front foot - Annual benchmarking report 2012


Managing risk and uncertainty is an important part of this. Having become used to operating in a volatile environment, what businesses most need from finance is the forward-looking insights required to help them compete in local, regional and global markets.

The Difference - Unlocking your organization's creativity and innovation to solve complex problems, fast


Unlock your organization's creativity and innovation to solve complex problems, fast.

Changing the game: outlook for the global sports market to 2015


Changing the game: outlook for the global sports market to 2015

Changing the game: outlook for the global sports market to 2015 , video transcript


Changing the game: outlook for the global sports market to 2015 , video transcript

Social media maturity


PwC online social media maturity poll shows that most organisations are in the early stages of understanding how social media can benefit their business.

Uncovering B2B social media


Social media is changing the way businesses need to engage with customers. B2B social media may still be in its infancy, but there are some clear market drivers that are forcing change to...

The New Digital Economy


This white paper provides insights into how corporations are responding to the economic and technology trends reshaping the global marketplace.

Finance Function - compliance and control


PwC can help transform the finance function of FS companies. Companies need to address the issue of compliance and control. This will help create an effective finance function.

Managing complexity: How CEOs can drive value


While complexity operates on many levels, PwC has developed a comprehensive model for the overall management of complexity.

Social media: the future of customer relationships


In this publication, you can learn about the significance of the paradigm shift to social media, the implications it has for businesses, and how to get started and maintain momentum.

The Agile Enterprise


To maintain competitive advantage and to be successful in the future, businesses need to become more 'agile'.

Financial Services - finance function


PwC can help transform the finance function of FS companies. The three things which companies need to address to create and maintain an effective finance function.

Finance Function - transforming the finance function


PwC can help transform the finance function of FS companies. Companies need to address the issue of compliance and control. This will help create an efficient finance function.

Economics: Corporate transformation


Our economists can play a role in shaping the vision and commercial strategy of an organisation embarking on any form of transformation.

Revenue growth


Revenue generation is always on the CEO's agenda. Irrespective of what survey or market analysis you look at, growing revenue is one of the top three.

Non-executive directors


Increasing levels of boardroom regulation and risk have placed greater demands on the non-executive director (NED) community.

Workforce effectiveness


Workforce effectiveness

Making business partnering work


Making business partnering work

Client case studies - Enterprise Performance Management


Enterprise Performance Management client case studies

Efficient International Support Services


Efficient international support services

Legal Process Outsourcing


Legal Process Outsourcing

Overhead costs


Overhead costs