Changing the game: outlook for the global sports market to 2015


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According to our latest Outlook, the global sports market is set to be worth 145 billion US dollars by 2015.

Despite the economic environment here in the UK, the sports market still remains strong. 2011 has been a record year for total attendances at the UK’s biggest annual sporting events (by number of paying spectators). Attendances at the top four events, Wimbledon, the British Grand Prix, Royal Ascot and Cheltenham Festival, were all up on last year, with Wimbledon and the British Grand Prix enjoying their best ever crowds.

But for the sports industry as a whole, the game is changing rapidly. Over the next five years it will be those who can rise to the challenges and opportunities that come with developments in the entertainment industry, such as the impact of digital technologies and social media, and those that understand which global regions are set to grow the fastest, that will succeed.

Our Outlook for the global sports market to 2015 looks beyond 2012 to provide global and regional revenue forecasts for the industry and looks at four key segments: gate revenues, sponsorship, media rights and merchandising. We look at the story behind the numbers, giving our take on the key trends that will impact the sector