Social media conversations

How is social media changing business? How do you socially engage customers? What are the benefits and what are the challenges?

View our video series with clients and colleagues, sharing ideas and examples of how social media is changing their businesses.

What benefits can social media bring?

Benefits from engaging in social media include hard metrics and more intangible factors.


What are the social media risks?

There are risks of participating and of not participating in social media that need to be managed.


What's the secret of social media success?

Organisations need to engage leadership, set a social media strategy and policy and understand their customers.


What impact will social media have on businesses?

Customers are the key whether you are a B2B or B2C organisation, and social media is becoming a powerful channel to connect with those customers.


Our thanks to our contributors, including: Jeff Klainberg, American Express; Jen McClure, Thomson Reuters; Umberto Fieno, Vodafone; Charlie Cannell, Cantos; and Julius Duncan, Headstream.