Economics: Health

Economics is playing an increasing role in shaping the direction of healthcare policy. In most health systems, economics is used to answer questions about efficiency and value for money in the way healthcare resources are allocated. However, economics is now taking a greater role in shaping the underlying design of healthcare reform.

Economic regulation, coupled with market-based reforms, is a fundamental component of healthcare reform in many countries. PwC’s economics team has been at the heart of shaping these reforms and working with clients to respond to the challenges and opportunities that they present. We work closely with a range of disciplines across PwC to ensure our economic insights are consistent with the practical clinical and organisational factors that shape strategy and reform development.

We use our skills and knowledge to help our clients meet their challenges around:

  • Developing economic regulation in healthcare systems - price regulation and competition policy
  • The impact of changes in commissioning patterns and local markets
  • Opportunities and growth strategies for providers
  • Competition issues and cases that have come before the regulator
  • Improving the focus and effectiveness of commissioners decisions

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