Economic and competition regulation are closely connected and interdependent. In sectors of the economy where market forces are the most effective way of ensuring that customers receive the right type, quantity and quality of services, competition is relied upon to ensure that markets deliver. In other sectors, where there is ‘market failure’, a natural monopoly or high levels of externalities, economic regulation plays the key role.

The changing shape of regulation brings new challenges and opportunities, and new debate over where the boundary lies between competition and economic regulation. Policy makers, regulated companies and investors need to understand how regulation works, how it is likely to evolve in the future, and how best to shape their own futures accordingly.

Our team pulls together our regulation, industry and economic knowledge to help our clients:

  • Develop regulatory strategies and cases
  • Make evidence based decisions around fair pricing, cost allocation and efficiency analysis, demand analysis, benchmarking of charges
  • Crucial negotiations and interactions with regulators
  • Transactions and regulatory due diligence