HR data and reporting solutions

Better insights and faster decisions

People data is one of the most valuable assets that any company has, so managing that data correctly is crucial.  But, for most companies, data remains an under-appreciated and under-utilised asset. In a fast-moving and increasingly digital economy, the need for employee data solutions means that organisations have to do things differently to keep up.

Management teams are becoming more reliant on consistent, relevant and accurate information. Poor governance and processes might mean that your data is out of date and unrepresentative, which makes accessing the right employee information at the right time difficult. And in a world where data security breaches are likely to affect every company at some stage, how do you make sure that you’re storing the right data, in the right place, at the right time?

Talk to us about your data

We can help you get more out of your HR data to help your management teams make faster and better informed decisions.

  • We can look at your existing HR data model to identify gaps and potential issues, helping you with data cleansing, purging and archiving so that all your data is accurate and reliable.
  • Working with you, we can create a forward-looking HR data model, improving the efficiency of data processing. This means your HR staff will be able to focus on strategic and value-adding activities.
  • We can implement an effective management information strategy to support decision making. So you’ll be using your information as a strategic asset to drive innovation and differentiate you from your competitors.
  • We can put in place a clear HR data governance model, creating guidelines, policies and standards that will form the framework for correctly managing your data from creation to archive.
  • We’ll create an HR data dictionary and assign ownership and accountability in order to bring consistency to the data capture process.
  • We can make sure that fully integrated data flows between HR and your key business applications allowing for fully automated interfaces
  • We can produce a single data source strategy for your HR data to give you improved access, security and protection.