Performance alignment

In today’s volatile markets, it's even more challenging to align your organisation to deliver its strategic goals. In our 16th Annual CEO Survey, 72% of global CEOs told us that they are looking to significantly transform their organisations over 2013, yet only 30% are confident in their organisation's ability to execute the strategic change necessary. This makes it even more important for you to align your reward and performance programmes to help you drive change and deliver superior business performance.

To give your organisation the best opportunity to reach its full potential, our multi-disciplinary teams work with your leadership and front line teams to make sure you've got the right level of emotional and intellectual buy in to deliver your strategic potential.



Two companies embark on transformational journeys. Call them A Co and B Co – both have highly committed and talented people.

A Co focuses on quickly translating it’s strategy into a new operating model. Management develop a comprehensive implementation plan, set up a programme management office, establish steering committees, restructure the organisation and quickly assign the roles and accountabilities to start executing.

After a year, A Co’s execution plan is starting to falter. Management point to a wide range of possible causes, such as: reverting to incremental activities, the challenge of engaging middle management, insufficient execution resources in some areas, unforeseen changes in the key market.

Perhaps most tellingly, different managers in A Co ascribe the disappointing progress to very different factors.

B Co takes a different approach. It focuses on how the strategy impacts what it calls it’s leadership model, as well as the operating model. B Co invests heavily in ensuring leaders – at all levels – co-create the change plan: make the hard decisions to achieve clarity and unity, build the appropriate capabilities and decision rights, ruthlessly embed the performance drivers and measures of success and role model the critical behaviours of the strategy. By aligning their leadership model to the strategy, B Co is emphasising responsiveness and versatility in execution whilst delivering similar change initiatives to A Co.

B Co’s leaders have greater buy-in to both long-term and short-term performance outcomes, leading to more sustainable results. Over two thirds of organisations say they never achieve their full potential. We believe that focusing on the leadership model goes a long way to addressing this gap.

How will you ensure your company achieves it’s full potential?

We look forward to catching up to discuss performance alignment in your organisation.

Can you reach your strategic potential through performance alignment?

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