Attracting, motivating and retaining employees

The challenges of responding to relentless demands for increased efficiency improvements, a highly competitive recruitment market, and new legislation and corporate governance codes have pushed people issues to the top of the agenda.

Whatever their business, all organisations - whether public or private sector, start-up or spin-off, acquired or de-merged - need to position themselves as employers of choice. Achieving this is no easy matter: an organisation's ability to attract, motivate and retain employees will be unique, but may crucially depend on areas as diverse as, for example, reward, learning and development, organisational culture, performance improvement, leadership style, and HR effectiveness.

At a time when the trend towards globalisation and increased competition shows no signs of abating, organisations that fail to make the most of their most expensive and most essential asset - their people - will be at a severe disadvantage. Recruiting, retaining, and gaining the commitment of the very best people is no longer an optional extra, for it is these people that can make the critical difference between long-term sustainability and short-term failure.

We work with clients in all sectors and all types of organisations to help them to attract, motivate and retain key staff by:

  • conducting benchmarking studies of people policies and performance, and implementing the improvements identified;
  • designing total reward programmes that are competitive and tax-efficient, and that complement an employer's business, HR and performance strategy;
  • advising on HR policy development and implementation, including recruitment, retention and motivation; and
  • helping to build culture, capability, talent management, and leadership programmes.

We practise what we preach: recent surveys* show that we are the employer of choice for graduates.

* The Times High Fliers survey 2012