Our services - Real Time Information (RTI)

Under RTI employers are required to provide accurate, detailed and complete information about themselves and their employees each time they make a payment. For some employers the change to RTI has raised issues which are not always immediately solvable with the resources they have available. Our teams have had considerable experience with assisting clients to resolve the issues they have encountered. The work we have been involved with shows that challenges tend to arise in three key areas:

  • Accuracy - Employers must ensure that the information they are providing is accurate and up to date, particularly as now under RTI, information is shared with other Government departments, meaning errors may have unexpected knock-on consequences. Our specialist teams can work with you to help you understand the precise nature of the data which needs to be captured and how to achieve this
  • Speed - The ‘on or before’ requirement of RTI means that employers must ensure that they are collating information quickly enough to comply with RTI. Our teams can assist with identifying the critical areas of your reporting system to help ensure that data is being collected and fed into your payroll systems in a timely manner.
  • "Business as usual" - Employers must ensure that the design, development and implementation of the changes to their data, processes and systems are now the "new" normal. We can work with you to change or enhance current processes and systems so that RTI is seamlessly integrated into your business.

We can assist employers to analyse the issues they are facing and work towards finding practical solutions. Our services are designed with the above issues in mind and can be flexed to work in the way that best suits you and your business. Please follow the below links for additional information about some of the ways we can assist you:

Senior Accounting Officer (SAO) implications

Making sure that information feeding into the payroll system is accurate and that the reporting under RTI is correct should be of the utmost importance to a business’ SAO. For those affected, we can review your current policies, procedures and systems from an SAO perspective, to help identify any potential areas of risk, so that they can be addressed in advance of the SAO certificate being submitted to HMRC.