Readiness Assessment Tool

RTI is a compliance issue and is likely to be one of the top three concerns in 2013* for Senior Accounting Officers.
* Source: Survey, PwC, September 2012

To help you assess just how ready you are for RTI, use our no-charge RTI Readiness Assessment Tool to review:

  • Organisational awareness;
  • Risk management;
  • Data, processes and systems ;
  • Payroll operations and systems;
  • Tax compliance

Note : Your views will be held in the strictest confidence and combined with those of other organizations; responses will not be attributable to any individual or organization.
RTI Readiness Assessment Report

The RTI Readiness Assessment Report is based on your responses to a series of questions about your organisation and includes:

A radar map to provide at a glance view as to how well prepared your organisation is for the introduction of RTI;
Red, amber, green preparedness indicators for organisational awareness, risk management, data, processes, systems and tax compliance; and, where to go for advice and support.

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