The 6th annual Low Carbon Economy Index Report

Low Carbon Economy Index 2014 | 2 degrees of separation: ambition and reality

This year, the Low Carbon Economy Index (LCEI) is being launched in the run up to the critical series of international climate meetings and negotiations that are kicking off in New York, then moving on to Lima and Paris by December 2015.

In the 6th year of LCEI, we face an unmistakeable trend in the data, which is that each year, the global economy has failed to decarbonise beyond business-as-usual, and that economic growth remains entwined with carbon. With each year of delay in addressing climate change, the decarbonisation challenge increases. 

The commitments offered by countries in previous UNFCCC fora for the period to 2020 aim to address this, but their targets remain short of meeting 2 degrees. Projections of these commitments suggest that they would, at best, lead us down a three degrees warming pathway. The LCEI explores the level of commitment by key economies, beyond 2020, required to put us back on track to a 2 degree world.