Corporate compliance services

Helping companies remain compliant

Corporate Compliance Services (CCS) provides a range of outsourcing, insourcing and advisory services concentrating on helping companies remain compliant in the areas of corporate taxes, indirect taxes and accounting. CCS works with a range of companies across the UK, including large multinationals, FTSE 100, national, regional and start up companies.

Corporate compliance services


Insights and opinions

In today's climate of global austerity there are three main areas that companies need to consider when meeting their corporate statutory accounting, corporate and indirect taxes obligations, regardless of their size or global footprint:

  • Are the company’s compliance returns compiled and submitted correctly?
  • Are the company’s compliance obligations addressed efficiently?
  • Will the company be seen as completing their compliance obligations fairly?

To help answer these questions, and to build a better understanding of how to meet the expectations of all stakeholders, we've developed a framework to determine the optimal cost of compliance. Click here to find out more information.

Performing a cost benefit analysis

When weighing up whether you should outsource or insource your accounting and tax compliance services, it's fundamental that you establish the costs and benefits associated with outsourcing cross border compliance activities of subsidiaries and comparing with the cost and benefits of keeping the activities in-house.

Working with finance functions going through change

Companies on a finance function transformation journey, including shared service centres need to be pragmatic about the decisions they take in order to achieve an optimal cost of compliance.

How we can help you

Drawing upon our experience as an outsourcer, an adviser and our experience and knowledge of interacting with finance and accounting functions going through a finance function transformation project means we appreciate the need to be pragmatic in helping with the issues that companies face and working out the best solutions for them. This includes:

  • Providing insights into country compliance requirements, plus any country specific regulatory restrictions on what can be delivered from outside the country or via an outsourcer.
  • Assisting with cost benefit analysis in relation to finance function change.
  • Assisting with improving accounting and tax compliance processes and technologies.

To find out more about our shared service centres or finance function transformation services please contact a member of the team.

Making sure that you're compliant when your business stretches across different regions around the world can be tricky, particularly if you're a multinational company with subsidiaries across many jurisdictions.

Our approach and years of experience in helping multinational and national companies in the management of their cross-border compliance means that we have a sustained, mature global business model to help you meet your company’s global compliance needs.