Finance & treasury

Do you need an innovative and tax efficient approach to financing? Whether you need help with debt or equity financing in the UK or overseas, we can provide you with a range of finance and treasury services to address your specific tax issues. Because many of our finance and treasury team in the UK are qualified corporate treasurers, we have the specific skills and experience to provide you with financing solutions that are both sophisticated and practical.

Potential issues

  • You need to manage the cost of capital to enhance shareholder value
  • You need help dealing with the new debt cap rules
  • You have a need for long-term internal or external financing
  • You need to manage your exposure to interest rate and foreign exchange rate movements
  • You need to make the cash in your business work harder for you
  • You want to reduce the cost of external financing
  • You want to arrange cross-border financing.

How we can support you
We can:

  • Increase the effectiveness of your treasury and cash management techniques
  • Help you add value to your shareholders
  • Advise you on effective pooling of cash and managing debt balances
  • Advise you on low cost financing
  • Help you maximise efficiencies in cross border transactions.

PwC's finance & treasury services focus on tax aspects of

  • Foreign exchange matching
  • Derivatives tax planning
  • Tax-efficient intra-group financing
  • Corporate debt, financial instruments and foreign exchange 'health check'
  • Making use of losses in your business
  • Asset linked investment/funding
  • Currency hedging solutions
  • Low-rate funding
  • Cash pooling services.

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