Webcast: The role of tax and regulation in tackling climate change

July 2010

On demand version: The role of tax and regulation in tackling climate change webcast

68% of UK executives questioned in a PwC report believe that government should have primary responsibility for leading behavioural change in relation to climate change - a significantly higher proportion than the views of executives globally. This is just one of the findings of a major new report entitled Appetite for change: Global business perspectives on tax and regulation for a low carbon economy. In this webcast PwC specialists draw out the UK findings of this global report to share the views of UK-based executives and their perspectives on:

  • The impact of climate change;
  • The government's role in protecting the environment;
  • Which environmental policy tools and why; and
  • The ingredients necessary for a global climate change deal.

The webcast is hosted by Mark Schofield, global head of PwC's sustainability and climate change tax network. Mark gives insights into the findings of the report and cover topical green tax changes. Mark will be joined by Richard Gledhill, PwC's global head of carbon markets, and Neville Howlett, PwC's director of external relations to talk about some of the ways that we believe tax and regulation can help save the planet.

The webcast is aimed at tax professionals, those with responsibility for managing sustainability and climate change within organisations, or those who are simply interested in finding out more about this important topic.