Tax Transparency 2013: how companies are explaining their tax affairs

We’ve been reviewing the tax reporting of UK listed companies for eight years as part of the Building Public Trust Awards. In that time we’ve seen considerable changes in how companies report their tax affairs.

More companies are saying more about tax

Not only are companies saying more about tax, but they’re covering a broader range of topics. From the top 50 reportees

  • Over half (52%) now include some discussion of how they approach their tax affairs, compared to 17% in 2007
  • Two thirds talk about the governance and oversight of tax, compared to 23% in 2007
  • Over half (54%) talk about their relationship with tax authorities – a 50% increase in just two years
  • Nearly 60% talk about taxes other than corporate income tax – more than double the number that did in 2011.

Download the report for more analysis and to see examples of what companies are putting in their tax reporting.