Total Tax Contribution and the wider economic impact

Surveying the 100 Group

    “Whilst media and political attention continues to be heavily focused on corporation tax, companies bear and collect a much wider range of taxes. These are becoming increasingly important as a result of policies implemented by successive governments, and their public profile is increasing.”

    The Total Tax Contribution (TTC) survey has been carried out every year since 2005 and helps to provide robust data to inform the debate over how much tax large corporates pay in the UK.

    The interest in tax paid by multinational corporations has intensified over the last twelve months and is likely to continue.

    So perhaps it's no surprise that a record number of companies participated in the 2013 Total Tax Contribution and the Wider Economic Impact survey for the 100 Group with 101 companies providing data.

    In 2013, for the first time, we have also received robust data on the wider contribution made by the 100 Group membership to the UK economy.

    In an environment where the Government is seeking to make the UK “open for business” with a globally competitive corporation tax rate, it is important to understand the wider contribution from employment, capital investment and research and development.