Indirect taxes

This is a new service offering for tax reporting and strategy, focussing on indirect taxes, as such is a new page of content

Indirect tax process and automation

Using the latest practices and technologies, we work to enhance the delivery of robust indirect tax control frameworks, systems and data, and indirect tax compliance

With increased profile, complexity and technology burden, organisations are under greater pressure to manage the indirect taxes in a far more effective manner than ever before.

We can help you:

  • define and deliver your indirect tax strategy and metrics;
  • meet you regulatory requirements;
  • match or exceed the benchmarks set by your peer group and the key internal and external stakeholders - adding tangible value to the organisation.

Some of the core areas we work in are: governance, risk and control across the end-to-end processes and departmental interactions; in, co and out sourcing of the reporting and compliance needs; data analytics and management in all its guises; shared services, business process outsourcing (BPO) and lean processing; and enterprise resource planning (ERP), other accounting information systems, and tax engines.