The UK as a business hub

Recent corporate tax reforms have given the UK one of the most competitive tax regimes in the G20 making it a highly attractive place to locate business. In addition to the range of tax incentives that can be used to manage the overall effective tax rate that a business will be subject to, HMRC has now established a team to deliver a range of bespoke clearances to give certainty on how those incentives will apply.

So it's now possible for businesses to obtain certainty regarding their potential tax liability at the time they're considering whether to bring business to the UK, or expand their existing footprint.

In this short video Matt Ryan (leader of our UK as a business hub initiative) and Diane Hay (who has been leading discussions with HMRC) discuss the opportunities for business and the experience they've gained in dealing with HMRC.



For further information, please contact Matt (0121 265 5795) or Diane (020 7212 5157) or your usual PwC contact.