Beyond Brexit podcast series

Welcome to our podcast series covering Brexit-related events and issues affecting business and the economy. Throughout the Brexit process, our subject matter experts will be sharing their perspectives on the key challenges ahead, helping you to better understand how the UK leaving the EU will affect you and your business.

New episodes on a range of topics, including immigration, trade negotiations and economic implications, will be added on a regular basis, with each episode lasting approximately 10-15 minutes. Sign up to listen to the podcasts on your desktop or mobile device, using one of the options below.

Latest episodes

Episode 6: The new negotiating landscape


In this extended episode, recorded at a client webcast, we discuss the new political landscape in the UK and how it could affect Brexit negotiations. We also get the view from Brussels on these latest developments, and explore other key issues such as the free movement of labour.

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Episode 5: Triggering a change


In our fifth Beyond Brexit podcast, chairman Kevin Ellis joins a number of guests to reflect on the historic moment Article 50 was triggered and the countdown to the UK's exit from the EU began. We also discuss what our European colleagues are thinking and what sort of deal we might see. 

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Episode 4: The tax factor


In our fourth Beyond Brexit podcast, senior tax partner Stella Amiss considers how Brexit provides an opportunity to reshape the tax system. How can tax policy underpin the Industrial Strategy to create the conditions for businesses of all sizes and sectors to grow?

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Episode 3: Outlook for growth


In our third Beyond Brexit podcast, senior economic adviser, Andrew Sentance, considers the short and longer term outlook for UK growth and discusses inflation, the Industrial Strategy and trade negotiations.

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Episode 2: Mind the skills gap


In the second in our series of Beyond Brexit podcasts, Julia Onslow-Cole, Head of Global Immigration, considers access to talent and skills. What might changes to immigration rules mean for business and what can they be doing now to prepare?

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Episode 1: The road ahead


In the first of our series of Beyond Brexit podcasts, Neil Sherlock, Reputational Strategy Partner, and Anna Wallace, Head of Political Relations, consider the key milestones in the Brexit process and discuss what we know so far and how businesses can prepare for what lies ahead.

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