Integrated risk management and Business Continuity Management

Risk management and business continuity are often treated as two separate disciplines. Integrating them not only saves time and money, it increases your organisation’s resilience.


We regard Business Continuity Management as an essential element of risk management. It helps provide organisational resilience and mitigates a wide range of risks. For example, combining a risk assessment and a BCM analysis, delivers a more balanced, complete set of results, and better choices in risk investment.

Everyone is agreed that the management of risk is evolving quickly. Focus has shifted from localised well-understood risks with historical precedence to risks that may develop from unfamiliar events on the other side of the world.

There are so many potential threats, it is pointless trying to analyse them all, let alone create plans that address each one. This is where our BCM techniques help, by focussing on the impact an incident, rather than the incident itself. We have developed integrated approaches to risk and business continuity management that save time and money.


Why are some risks missed by organisations? Why did so many not recognise the impact of civil disruption during the UK riots?

The traditional approach to risk and business continuity creates gaps in our risk intelligence. PwC’s wider network of Risk experts, means we are able to implement integrated solutions across industry and in organisations of all sizes.

We will leave you with a solution that is sustainable, and embedded within the fabric of your organisation so that future incidents can be managed effectively.