Materiality - choosing our sustainability priorities

Sustainability is a broad topic and it’s important that we understand our key priorities so that we can align time, resources and investment accordingly. We developed our sustainability materiality matrix, below, in 2011, based on surveys, interviews and desk research from our clients, our people, potential recruits, regulators and NGOs.

It’s aligned with our principal business and operational risks, informs our sustainability strategy and has shaped our approach to sustainability reporting. We concentrate on the highest priority items in our annual report and give a more detailed and comprehensive review on these corporate sustainability web pages and in our Corporate Sustainability Annual Update. Over the years we’ve developed metrics to help us measure our progress against each of them, as indicated in our sustainability scorecard. We review and adjust the matrix each year, as the external and business context changes, to ensure that it still works as a useful toolk to help us manage our sustainability agenda.

For an overview of each issue click on the diagram, below, or for further details see our focus areas and our policies and standards.

Sustainability prioritisation matrix