Our sustainability performance

Being transparent about sustainability performance is important to our stakeholders, and for our purpose: to build trust in society and solve important problems. We approach our reporting using the same best practice standards that we recommend to our clients.

This section of the website covers:

  • Measures we’ve committed to implement
  • Our sustainability scorecard, detailing our operational performance against our sustainability targets
  • Our estimate of our total impact, together with an explanation of the methodology we use to calculate it
  • An outline of the sustainability awards and standards we’ve achieved
  • Information about how we assure, detailing our operational performance against our sustainability targets

Our scorecard

We’re proud of the strong progress we’ve made towards our 2017 targets, which are aligned to our materiality matrix. We’ve eliminated the waste we send to landfill, reduced our energy consumption by 45% and reduced our revenue carbon intensity by 47% as we decouple our business growth from our environmental footprint.  

Our total impact

For the fourth year, we’ve also used our unique Total Impact Measurement & Management (TIMM) framework to monetise our economic, tax, social and environmental impacts. It’s one of the ways we’re strengthening our reporting to provide greater transparency for our stakeholders, and improving the information we use for decision making.

Awards and standards

We've continued to be recognised in 2016 in a number of benchmarks and standards relating to responsible business, equal opportunities, environmental performance, community engagement and supply chain management.