Our corporate sustainability strategy - building a better blueprint for business

We live in turbulent times, where interdependent megatrends are accelerating the pace of change and the volatility in our world and society. In this context, and driven by our purpose – to build trust in society and solve important problems - we see sustainability not only as continuous improvement to business-as-usual, but also about our influence in the world. It’s about how we can deliver long-term value for all our stakeholders.

Our sustainability strategy’s founded on some guiding principles – upholding high professional standards, being transparent, trusted and fair, fostering a culture of partnership and collaboration, valuing the longer-term consequences of our decisions, and leading by example to create a more sustainable future. It’s informed by each of the elements in our materiality matrix, is delivered via our business model, and provides the structure for our sustainability reporting.

Our sustainability strategy is central to delivering our purpose, and is based around two key principles:

  1. Being a catalyst for change - using our knowledge, skills, voice, and relationships to work with others and become “part of the solution” through activities that make a difference and influence change in the marketplace with clients and suppliers.

    For example, we’re helping organisations across the globe to reduce risk, seize opportunity and become more sustainable through the many services that we provide every day. We’re  innovating to inform and transform our core offerings, keeping them relevant – exploring new standards to underpin capital markets, options for tax reform, new ways of understanding and building trust, and new ways of measuring environmental and social value, amongst others. We’re also investing in services that help clients adapt to the global megatrends, especially the disruption from technological advances.

  2. Doing the right thing - advancing an active agenda of issues that are central to responsible business and which create value for our stakeholders.

Our strategy framework

We focus on four key areas: responsible businessworkplace and diversitycommunity engagement; and environmental stewardship. You can read more about each in our section on Focus areas.

The strategy is designed to embed sustainability in our business, and each part of the business champions our sustainability goals alongside their other business objectives. As a knowledge-based organisation we also feel we have a significant contribution to make by sharing our insight widely with clients and other stakeholders. One part of this is our ‘Corporate Sustainability Lessons Learned’ documents and videos. You can find these, and the many policies that help us to embed sustainability in our business, in the case studies and downloads section of this website.

Sustainability strategy framework

Sustainability strategy framework