Sustainable land use

Most of our land use impact occurs outside our direct operations and within our supply chain. However, we still want to do the right thing, so we encourage sustainable land use and biodiversity in our offices where possible.

Our approach

Minimising land use impact is one of the criteria considered in the design and selection of our new office locations. We aim to use our office space as efficiently as possible, reducing our footprint, and we include as much green space as practical to encourage biodiversity.

We also engage with our suppliers and clients helping them to improve their sustainable land use by sharing our lessons learned.

Opportunities and risk

Given the nature of our business, our land use risk is small.

But encouraging biodiversity within our offices gives us the opportunity to engage our people about the importance of biodiversity. And we can share the lessons we’ve learned with both our clients and suppliers.


When designing our More London office – our largest site – we engaged our local area environmental group, Team London Bridge, about supporting urban ecology. They helped us to design our natural spaces – occupying 20% of the building’s floor plate – in line with London’s Biodiversity Action Plan, to support threatened and protected species of birds and invertebrates.

As a direct result of this consultation, we now have a green roof, which have been independently verified as providing foraging and breeding for birds, (with up to 3 Black Redstarts currently nesting), while also attracting bees, butterflies, hover flies and other invertebrates.

We engaged the ecologist and green roof campaigner, Dusty Gedge, to assess the effectiveness and optimise our More London green roofs. His  consultation raised a series of recommendations to ensure that the natural spaces are planted and set up in a way that will best support urban ecology. We implemented these recommendations, and continue to monitor performance of the roofs.

We’ve also incorporated similar designs into our Embankment Place refurbishment and have installed a living wall and flower boxes which cover 6% of our building’s floor plate, doing our bit to encourage diversity in the heart of the city.

Valuing our impact

This year, we’ve valued the total impact of our land use at £38m, using our TIMM framework. We’re working with suppliers to understand how we can help reduce this impact.

And, we’ve worked with our carbon offset provider to update our offset portfolio so that it now includes projects which focus on protecting rainforest in biodiversity hotspots. You can find out more about our carbon offsetting here.

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