Ride the Nation: our charity cycling challenge

Ride the Nation is our inaugural charity cycling challenge, which took part during the entire month of May 2015, organised, run and completed by our staff. Over 700 of our people cycled part of a 2,500 mile route which took in every one of our 31 offices in the UK, from Aberdeen to Plymouth and the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland. Ride the Nation raised an astonishing £150,750.76 for our chosen local charities as well as the firm’s Race for £3million, smashing its original £100,000 target.

The Race for £3million is the PwC Foundation's firmwide fundraising challenge to raise £3 million for charities including: National Literacy Trust, Groundwork, Alzheimer's Society, Alzheimer Scotland, Wellbeing of Women and Beyond Food Foundation, alongside locally supported charities. The Ride the Nation team is now busy looking at the next stage in its evolution, so look about for more news soon.

Video: Find out what Ride the Nation is all about

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Leighton Smith
Ride the Nation is a national charity cycle challenge. It’s going to out to 31 one of our offices in the UK and it’s really supporting not only the PwC Foundation course, but local charities around the country as well. 

Chantal Mutel
It’s really about everybody pulling together in the firm. It’s about using everybody’s skills from people in design to our to our ladies here today who are helping everyone to register. We’re hoping to raise between about £80k and £100k. 

Ian Powell
So it’s a huge undertaking, it’s about 2,700 miles but there’s going to be lots of other PwC people joining in with them as well, so that’ll probably be at least 750 people.

Chantal Mutel
Welcome everybody to the first leg of the first ever Ride the Nation.

Leighton Smith Without you wanting to take part, this event wouldn’t happen and we wouldn’t be raising all the funds that we need for the charities. 

Matthew Hammond 
The great thing about it is is that Leighton and Chantal particularly, they’ve seen how having a bit of a dream about something can become reality with great team work and I know they’ve put blood, sweat and tears into it over the course of the last 6, 7, 8 months.

David Adair
Well the fantastic thing about today are the beneficiaries who are going to gain so much through the PwC Foundation, they’re raising funds for the National Literacy Trust, Groundworks, Beyond Food, Well Being of Women, Alzheimers, Alzheimers Scotland and they’re all going to benefit through the donations made through Ride the Nation. 

Ian Powell
It’s great to see everybody here and I think what you guys are going to do over the next well three and a half weeks I guess is going to be phenomenal so let’s get you started. Thank you. Cheers.

Stephanie Hyde
So I see people come together from across the firm from all lines of service, from different offices to work together to make this event a success. It’s been really good to see the energy and enthusiasm of people working closely together.

Ian Powell
This is a great way for PwC to show that we really believe in doing the right thing and we wish the riders all the very best and we look forward to supporting them right the way through May.

The route: 700 people, 31 offices, 2,500 miles

Ride the nation route map
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