Budget 2020: Has the Chancellor gone far enough to make the public feel their voices are being heard?


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The Chancellor’s investment in infrastructure to improve access is a welcome boost to the economy and to connect people, places and opportunities.

There’s a welcome balance between national and local transport investments, and it is rightly in the hands of elected mayors to decide what investments are best for their towns and cities.

Investments that improve the liveability of places can also make a big difference to people’s sense of whether society is fair. That means initiatives like the Chancellor’s new £2.5 billion Pothole Fund might both literally level up our roads and contribute to levelling up people’s sense of pride in the places they live.

Moving civil servants out of London may help change mindsets and policy-making, but the way the government engages with the public also needs to change for people across the UK to feel that their voices are heard.

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