Views from our people

Perspectives from our own employees

Over the last five years, we have been seeking the views of our people on a range of trust-related issues to help inform the wider debate including the role of business in society today, the balance of privacy and transparency in driving trust and how leaders lead in today’s challenging times.

More than a thousand employees have participated in this series of debates – hosted in partnership with the Institute of Ideas – resulting in some lively discussions. Most recently, we focused on what our people feel businesses need to do to build trust in society.   

Key highlights from our most recent debate on what businesses need to do to build trust in society are captured here:

  • Be bold and demonstrate trustworthy values.
  • Encourage staff to behave as individuals and take responsibility for their own decisions.
  • Think long term and make sound and inclusive business decisions based on ethical considerations.
  • Transparency and honesty are key. Solve issues quickly and clearly.
  • Good business growth also drives societal good and has a positive impact.
  • Clear, regular and concise communication is key.
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