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Changing the perception of Actuaries

After Graduating in 2017, Mark joined our Risk Modelling Services team in London. As part of our Actuarial Services practice, Mark has been steadily taking his Actuarial (IFoA) exams which will see him qualify in a few years time.

It was important for him to find a career which would enable him to continue his professional development alongside studying. And he’s found the right balance so far.  Having spent a number of years in London whilst at  University and now for his career, Mark ensures he takes every opportunity available to explore our capital. He admits he’s ticked off most nightclubs and music venues across the city and has even had the opportunity to sing at a few.

A lifelong Arsenal fan, Mark still keeps up to date with matches, but despite being so close to the Emirates stadium says it’ll be a while before he returns there - “maybe when their performance improves!” There’s always next year. 

As an Actuary, Mark provides advice to a range of clients from the general insurance industry.  This advice could cover solvency issues, economic capital, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, company restructuring and de-risking. As part of his client work he provides advice on financial modelling, underwriting, legislation and the efficiency of reporting processes.

Our Actuarial teams across the UK work together for many of our clients. This means wherever your base office is, you’ll be working on clients from across the country and across all industries. Some of our main Actuarial clients are in the banking sector (retail and investment), the healthcare sector, the public sector, as well as corporate clients from non-financial service sectors, including energy and utility providers.

It’s no wonder that Mark would describe his Actuarial career as varied, challenging yet rewarding.

Before Mark joined Risk Modelling Services, he had some trepidation that his immediate colleagues might not be as social as him. But he was pleasantly surprised.

“I’d always thought of Actuaries as boring, stuffy people. When I met PwC employees at my university they had promised me this wasn’t the case. And they were right. My social life has never been so busy”.

With so many cross-team socials, the Actuarial department often meet up inside and outside of work. Team days out and bonding experiences all help to build that community that we’re proud of.

One of Mark’s biggest achievements at PwC has involved conquering his fear of public speaking. He set out to work on this and took on the opportunity to build and present an interactive training session to showcase a newly designed financial modelling process.

“I see this as my favourite achievement because I’ve always been terrified of public speaking. I volunteered to run this training session on purpose to throw myself into public speaking and try to get as much experience doing it as possible. I ended up getting great feedback from my seniors and I was so proud of what I’d achieved’.

Mark credits the empowerment given to him since joining for allowing him to feel at home in our big London offices. Flexible working is something that Mark appreciates, allowing him to balance his client portfolio alongside the need to revise for his exams. 

“I take full advantage of flexible working and dress for your day in particular, and really appreciate how much PwC trusts us to use these appropriately”

Actuarial Services is playing a leading role in revolutionising PwC. Huge investment in technology is allowing Mark and his colleagues more time to dig deeper into their financial analysis, provide even better insight to their clients, whilst working collaboratively across the UK and the world. 

So if Mark’s story inspires you to think about a career within Actuarial Services, take a look at our opportunities page for more information.