Senior Associate, Management Consulting

Joined 2012, BSc International Business, Finance and Economics with Spanish at University of Manchester

I wanted a career that would have plenty of variety, challenge and development opportunities, which is exactly what Management Consulting gives me. Through the graduate programme, I was able to explore the different consulting areas, developing a strong and broad skillset. I’ve now specialised in a specific area, but the work remains diverse. My roles have ranged from advising a Local Authority on their organisational structures, to managing communications about new global processes for a pharmaceutical company. I’ve had the opportunity to spend time working internally with our student recruitment team as well as on an international project involving travel to the US and Switzerland. One of the things I appreciate most about my job is the amount of responsibility I’m given in these roles and the support I’ve had to develop and progress. I’m continually learning from the work I’m doing and from the people I work with. I’m currently working my way towards my next promotion to manager and am very much looking forward to my future at PwC.

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