I joined PwC Augment as a Mobile Analyst in May 2015 having graduated from Newcastle University with a Law LLB (Hons). When I first joined PwC I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but within two weeks of joining the firm I was off to Glasgow to work on a redress and remediation project that spanned 11 months. The project was for a large multinational retail bank and consisted of reviewing packaged bank account complaints, contacting customers, deciding upon and calculating redress owed. The PwC team in Glasgow were great and I think we sampled just about every restaurant there in those 11 months!

For my next project I was lucky enough to be selected to go to the US to get involved in a large anti-money laundering transaction monitoring project for a renowned US retail banking corporation. It was an extremely exciting project involving PwC members of staff from a number of locations such as New York, Chicago, India and Belfast. The work involved reviewing transaction activity and looking for evidence of behaviour such as structuring and loan sharking. We would then conduct negative news searches on individuals named on cheques and collate evidence to ultimately draft a Suspicious Activity Report to be submitted to the US government on behalf of the client. I experienced the truly collegiate culture of PwC on this project as we were often working to tight deadlines which saw the whole team pull together to ensure these were achieved. However, the opportunity to take weekend trips to cities like New York, Las Vegas and Miami definitely made the hard work worthwhile!

Working in the US was a great opportunity to experience a different business culture and work closely with some of our international colleagues. It was also an exciting time to be based on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. as we were there over the Presidential election of Donald Trump which was definitely an experience!

Most recently I have been back in Belfast working on client site on a change delivery project for a top international banking group. This engagement involved the development and implementation of a new reporting solution in connection with the Deposit Guarantee Scheme. I am responsible for validating the reporting system to ensure the outputs are compliant with EU regulations. The project has also provided me the opportunity to liaise frequently with key stakeholders in the bank such as the Head of Data and to drive and coordinate the delivery of changes to BAU account opening processe and data remediation.

I didn’t think I would have the opportunity to manage project delivery at this early stage in my career and I really feel that PwC is fantastic at recognising potential and giving you the opportunity to take on responsibility and develop your capabilities. PwC is a fun and dynamic place to work, and the project variety ensures constant stimulation and development whilst working alongside likeminded people.