Graduate at PwC Belfast

I started working for PwC in November 2015, four months after graduating from University. Working for PwC Augment was my first graduate job and it has been an amazing experience both professionally and personally.

My first project was working for a Wealth Management Firm where I was tasked with carrying out research which helped to drive their investment strategy. During this time my knowledge of key financial terms and processes was developed which has been a tremendous help on future work assignments. After five months I was rolled onto a project for a Global Investment Bank performing compliance checks on tax forms in relation to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). On this project I was given the role of Deputy Team Lead which was my first experience of helping to manage a team and being responsibility for a team’s quality. This was a great insight into how large scale banks operate, the challenges they face while developing my own skills such as communication and the art of patience.

Recently, I have been working for a Bank in the role of Team lead on an Anti-Money Laundering project. This has been the biggest learning experience for me as I have had to work closely with the client, work to regulatory deadlines and manage a team of roughly fourteen people. Working in an Anti-Money Laundering team has been really exciting. There has been many occasions where I have read news articles and watched TV shows where Money-Laundering is the main story. It’s exciting to be able to relate the work I do every day to major news stories.

I would recommend a career with PwC to everyone. I’ve really enjoyed the work that I have done to date but it has been made more enjoyable by the people you work with. Everyone in PwC is friendly, sociable and helpful. I never imagined that I would have been given the opportunity to manage a team of people this early on in my career, I have provided with the chance to move to a new department called PwC Operate where I will be working with the Financial Crime team.

If you are wanting a career where you will have endless opportunities, work with some of the largest companies in the world, be challenged but most importantly, have fun and enjoy your job then look no further than PwC.