How did you join PwC?:School and College Leaver Programme
Business Area: Consulting
Why did you choose the programme?

PwC stood out to me because of its people-centred culture and the commitment to diversity. Once I read about the different apprenticeships, I chose Management Consulting because it offers such a wide range of experience. For example, having the opportunity to travel nationally and internationally to different clients.

What have you gained from the experience so far?

I feel like I’ve had a head start in my career by starting at a young age – I’ve had such a breadth of experience that I never thought I’d have at this point in my life. I’ve learned technical skills, how to present, found out about cutting-edge technology and developed an understanding of how different businesses operate.. The programme offers a huge range of experience, both during the apprenticeship and in the future.

Did you have any hesitations before applying?

One of my hesitations was that the qualification wasn't as well known as a degree. I came to realise when I joined that those in Consulting don’t just focus on the qualifications,  your experience and attitude is also important. Plus once I started the apprenticeship, it became obvious that the qualification we get is of high value and you can take it wherever you work in the future.
Another hesitation was that because all of my friends were going off to uni I thought I’d miss out on the uni experience by going straight to work. I found when I joined that this really isn’t a problem – you make close friends in your intake and because we learn and earn we're able to go out and socialise lots!

What does the programme offer you in terms of career progression?

The programme offers a really great career path – you start as an apprentice and do the two year course. After this you’ll then you go onto the graduate programme. After that you’ll progress to a  Senior Associate and can choose which area of the business you want to work in. The best part is that during the two year apprenticeship you get experience in different areas of the business. You can then choose where in the business you want to work based on prior experience.

What would your advice be for someone considering applying for a PwC apprenticeship?

My advice would be to take that leap of faith and do it! Don’t be put off by your friends going down different paths – you’re going to learn just as much, have close friends and make lots of memories.


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