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How did you join PwC? Tech Degree Programme

Tell us about your role or programme

My role as a student on the Technology Degree programme is studying Computer Science at the University of Birmingham and completing work placements with PwC. This gives me the chance to be a full-time student whilst simultaneously earning a salary. Earning a salary while I study has meant that I haven’t had to find a part time job and can focus more on my studies and hobbies.

Working during the holiday each summer, I get the opportunity to try different business areas and work within the different PwC Technology teams. I was lucky enough to get a Consulting placement in one of PwC’s London offices, working for a large insurance client. The responsibilities I was given really made me feel part of the team and enhanced my knowledge and technical skills significantly. 

What do you enjoy most?

The best part of the programme is the purpose and vision it gives you for the future. With PwC, I know I have a graduate job and a career ahead of me if I do well in my degree; this is really motivating as it gives all my studies a purpose.

It also gives me the flexibility to develop my skills outside of my course to help me when I get to the workplace. The resources we’re given access to allow me to enhance my interest in Cloud services. This not only allows me to explore new content, but also sets me up for my next placement with new knowledge and skills.

What's your biggest challenge?

Whilst on placement I really enjoyed the routine of going into work and the structure that provided, and so the biggest challenge for me has been adapting my ways of working back to the very flexible academic world of study. 

What have you achieved at PwC or on your programme that you are most proud of? 

My biggest achievement whilst with PwC has got to be earning the trust of my managers and directors whilst on placement and being given responsibility. They allowed me to challenge the way a client wanted to implement their cloud solution. Then I was given the opportunity to pitch my alternative solution to a client board. The solution was accepted and saved the client circa £200,000 (not something I expected to be doing 5 weeks into my internship). The moment when the pitch was accepted was amazing and something I’ll never forget.

What do you think the future holds for you?

My ambitions for the future sit firmly at PwC. I have ambition to work my way up within Consulting in Cloud technology, with an aim to one day become a Partner. Alongside this, I’ll continue working on my mountaineering and rock-climbing qualifications to progress towards becoming a guide in my spare time.

What has been your biggest surprise about a career at PwC?

How willing senior members of projects are to get involved with your development and help you to better yourself both inside and outside of the firm. They do this through coaching and feedback to help you develop your work, introducing you to the the right people and really encourage you to get involved in all aspects of the project. 

Describe your career at PwC in 3 words

Fast-Paced, challenging and rewarding