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IFRS 17 is the biggest reporting change the insurance industry has seen in decades. Preparing for the complexity by 2021 will be a challenge for many insurers.

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IFRS 17 is an accounting standard change and one of the biggest the industry has ever seen

We’re looking for people to join us in both Assurance and Consulting. This is an exciting opportunity for those who love the insurance sector and finance transformations, to be working with a market leading, technology enabled team. PwC is an established provider of professional services to the insurance industry. Being connected globally gives a broad perspective on how  issues and complexities of this new standard are being tackled around the world.

We expect our new joiners will have varying levels of experience with IFRS 17 and so we have compiled an introductory programme to ensure new talent do not find themselves in the deep end. Where will you fit in?


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How do you fit in?

I've already had some interaction with IFRS 17

  • I want to be part of implementation at an early stage and not wait until 2021
  • I currently work in industry, on an IFRS 17 working group and want to be in professional practice and at the forefront of implementation
  • I've been following the development of the standard and would like to formalise my knowledge
  • IFRS 17, I know a little already and I am interested in learning more

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I work in the insurance industry

  • I was involved in Solvency II and can see this is an even bigger change
  • My expertise is in finance related to insurance companies
  • I'm an insurance accountant

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IFRS 17... which one is that again? I don't know much about insurance ...but...

  • I am an Oracle and SAS specialist
  • I can cover reporting requirements / chart of accounts / process / organisation
  • I am a consulting systems and date architect who understand finance systems, with experience in creating joined up architecture solutions
  • I have been involved in large finance transformations in the past
  • I can shape and run major finance programs
  • I have delivered many Operational impact assessments

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Our solution for clients to design, build and implement IFRS 17 has been recognised in that we are providing support to 6 out of the 8 largest UK insurers, using purpose-built tools and technology, developed using in-house expert programmers. We have consistently employed the best people from the widest talent pool and have created a strong culture of diversity where people can be themselves and be valued for their strengths. The vision for recruiting skilled professionals lies in training, development, and mentoring to longer-term career opportunities with PwC for reward, benefits, and career progression beyond 2021.

We’d love to have you join our London and Regional team.

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