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Operate Technology

Technology solutions that power operational delivery. Through breakthrough research and engineering and results driven tech implementation.

Engineering the future

We’re opening a £40m Advanced Research and Engineering Centre in Belfast, part-funded by Invest NI.  We’re creating a team of engineers and technologists who’ll work within a bigger innovation ecosystem, including government, University academia and business, to help our clients take giant leaps, rather than incremental steps. 

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Opportunities to join our Advanced Research and Engineering Centre

Every aspect of operational delivery is underpinned by technology. We’re building a team of innovative thinkers who will use their creativity, ingenuity and skills to solve challenges of the future. You’ll create advanced solutions that don’t even exist yet, playing a key role in the ideation and development of new operational technologies . 

Our Advanced Research and Engineering Centre, based in Belfast, delivers pivotal breakthroughs to uncover the next generation of operational technology. They design the solutions that will define the next decade and beyond.

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Spotlight on Operate Technology jobs:

Making your mark on the world

Joining PwC is an opportunity to make your mark on the world and contribute to the bigger picture. We’re at the forefront of change and the possibilities that technology presents to our firm are vast. We’re continuously evolving the role that technology plays in how we deliver our services, work together and transform our business. With the pace of technological change continuing to increase, having a responsive and bold technology strategy is key to remaining relevant with our clients.

Our Operate business helps organisations transform and run complex operational processes that often create challenges and hinder their progress. Harnessing the power of tech and data to drive performance, Operate brings together innovative minds with a distinctive mix of subject matter knowledge and operational skills to deliver results that make the difference. We work with some of the most recognisable organisations worldwide in delivering large scale operational programmes and managed solutions.  Underpinning all of this is our commitment to ensuring our people are equipped with tomorrow's skills to drive success for our clients today.

And the future? Some amazing technology already exists. It helps us find fraud, faster. Cut the time to serve clients. Improve accuracy and remove errors in legal and contract work. But what about the technology that’s going to make giant leaps ahead of what we’re capable of doing today? Find out where you can join us and help us inspire the future of work. 

Our move to Merchant Square

In the Summer of 2021, our new headquarters (HQ) will open in the city centre of Belfast, a multi-million-pound investment by the UK firm that underlines its commitment to local talent and businesses.It will play an active role in the city, providing our clients and community partners with tech-focused collaboration spaces where we’ll work together on innovative solutions and create new opportunities.

We value our people and put the health and wellbeing of each person front and centre. That’s why our new nine-floor HQ will provide you with a dedicated wellbeing space fitted with meditation pods, space for exercise classes like yoga and pilates, and treatment rooms to accommodate manicurists or physiotherapists. 

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“Our decision to relocate to Merchant Square and concentrate our growth plans in Belfast reinforces our belief in the city’s and region’s ability to provide the support and the talent that facilitates Operate’s continued growth.”

Paul Terrington PwC Executive Board Sponsor Partner, Operate

“Our goal is to turn amazing ideas into technology that’ll solve complex business problems into the next decade and beyond. We’re creating a team of engineers and technologists who’ll work within a bigger innovation ecosystem, including government, academia and business, to help our clients take giant leaps, rather than incremental steps. It’s a huge statement of confidence from PwC UK’s Executive Board in both the Operate business and our local talent. The strength of our people has already enabled us to turn Operate into PwC’s fastest-growing division and I’m very proud that this gives us the opportunity to create hundreds more highly skilled jobs in Northern Ireland.”

Ian McConnell Partner lead for PwC Operate
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