Diversity and inclusion

As a progressive employer it’s essential for us to have diverse and engaged people, which is why our people agenda is at the heart of our business strategy

As a progressive employer it’s essential for us to have diverse and engaged people, which is why our people agenda is at the heart of our business strategy.

We believe that investing in the development of a broad range of skills, experiences and backgrounds not only gives us a competitive edge, but it also puts us in the best position of meeting the needs of our business and our clients. This year we’ve continued to recruit a diverse range of talented people into our business, with a particular focus on encouraging more people from ethnic minority backgrounds, people from different social backgrounds and women into our business. 


Open Mind

Diversity is critical to PwC’s business and sustaining its leading market position depends on unlocking the innovation and potential of all employees. By focusing on valuing difference and inclusive leadership, it will help us to build a strong, diverse talent pipeline.


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Inclusion and bias awareness training

Open Mind is our diversity and bias awareness training. It was first launched some years ago and is mandatory for all our partners and staff to take on a biennial basis. The training is designed to make our people think about the impact of unconscious bias on their relationships, and consider situations where they can take action to be more open-minded to difference. The intention is to demonstrate that we all have a responsibility to actively challenge the assumptions we may have about others, how we can all display bias and be on the receiving end of it.

This is especially important for our interviewers and assessors – we make sure all involved in the recruitment processes have completed the training and deliver regular refreshers to ensure our processes are fair and unbiased. The Taking action to be more open minded Open Mind campaign has recently launched with a new film which focuses on having a curious, open minded and meaningful conversation - techniques that are critical to being inclusive and appreciative of difference.


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Internal people networks

Networking contributes to personal and professional fulfilment, and success in the workplace. We have 13 internal people networks that are open for any member of staff to join. They’re there to provide our people with a sense of community, inspiring and supporting each other. Many of our networks hold events and activities, for example this summer our Disability Network held an event with Ruby Wax to discuss mental wellbeing. As a result of the event, PwC has signed up to the ‘Time to Change’ campaign. Read more. We also supported the Invictus games through our Disability network and hosted a Disability in the city event which supported disabled students aspiring to work in the city.

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Importance of diversity in the workplace

How do we drive the importance of diversity in the workplace? We have a Diversity Council which sets our diversity strategy and is made up of senior partners and directors from across our business. Social mobility is very important to us and to help us recruit diversely, we monitor and review the social mobility of people who apply to us. This tells us if we’re attracting people from different backgrounds and means we can adapt our recruiting strategies as needed. We have an inclusive recruitment policy which means we welcome applications from all.

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We have a number of programmes too.

Breakthrough - our women’s leadership programme supports our high potential female senior managers and directors to progress to partner. One participant said that as a result of attending this programme she has “more confidence in wider business discussions with clients”. Sponsorship and mentoring schemes for high potential women and ethnic minorities. Each high potential candidate on the programme will have a partner sponsor who becomes accountable for steering their development and progression. Maternity transition coaching to help women as they transition back into the workplace from maternity or adoption leave.


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Every day flexibility

It’s important to us to provide a culture where people have some control over how, where and when they work.

In an ever-changing and agile world, we understand the importance of empowering you to be able to work in a way that works for our clients, teams and you personally. We want to embed culture and values that support different ways of working to make sure we’re staying relevant in the workforce of tomorrow - which is why we’ve introduced Everyday Flexibility.

Everyday Flexibility is in addition to our formal flexible working policy, and shows our support for informal, day-to-day flexible working. It’s about working smarter and being agile to deliver exceptional client service whilst balancing work and life. Our technology enables us to work in different ways, and by using them to their fullest we see the benefits


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Types of flexible working

If you want to discuss flexible working as part of your application to PwC, please speak to your recruitment contact.

  • Reduced days: working a reduced number of days per week
  • Reduced hours: working a reduced number of hours per day
  • Flexible working day: e.g. starting earlier
  • Annual days: working a set number of days per year
  • Job sharing: splitting a full-time role with another person
  • Home based working: changing your normal place of work to your home for some or all of the time
  • Shared parental leave

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External diversity networks we work with

To drive progress, we work with a number of organisations to help influence change, inform our business strategy, and recruit from the wide variety of backgrounds.

  • Business in the Community’s Race for Opportunity campaign – we work with Race for Opportunity to improve opportunities for our ethnic minorities
  • Stonewall – we partner with Stonewall, the Gay, lesbian and bisexual rights charity to encourage a more inclusive workplace so our people feel they can be themselves
  • Women on Boards – a social enterprise seeking to support more women by enhancing their leadership skills, through gaining experience on the management boards of charities, voluntary or public sector organisations
  • Social mobility - One of our senior partners, Paul Cleal, sits on the Government’s working group on social mobility and child poverty and is instrumental in affecting change within our organisation
  • Additionally, we partner with a number of organisations to support inclusion. These include:
  • Business Disability Forum
  • Working Families
  • Employers for Carers
  • Timewise


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