Parental leave policies

Working parents bring huge value to our firm and we want to ensure that they are supported at every stage.

As well as publishing our competitive parental leave policies and pay, we’re working hard to create a culture where different ways of working are encouraged, our people feel supported taking time out of the workplace for caring responsibilities and they feel confident balancing their work and home lives. We’re proud that many of our dads have taken shared parental leave since the policy was introduced in 2015.

We want to ensure our culture is as inclusive as possible and that opportunities are open to all. In addition to the parental leave package we offer, outlined below, working parents are supported by the firm’s everyday and more formal flexible working policies, in addition to maternity transition coaching, backup/emergency childcare, support through PwC’s parents and carers networks and our Flexible Talent Network and Back to Business returnship programme.


Maternity and Adoption
We offer 22 weeks full pay* (known as PwC “payroll cash”), inclusive of statutory maternity/adoption pay to all eligible employees, subject to 26 weeks service and taking a minimum of 4 weeks leave.
We offer 2 weeks leave at full pay* (called PwC “payroll cash”) to eligible employees, inclusive of statutory paternity pay, subject to 26 weeks service.
Shared Parental Leave
We offer eligible parents with 26 weeks service 20 weeks full pay (known as PwC “payroll cash”), inclusive of statutory shared parental pay in addition to full pay for 2 weeks compulsory maternity leave/2 weeks ordinary paternity leave. The number of weeks shared parental leave an employee can access will depend on how they are sharing leave with their partner/spouse, as per the statutory rules. However, entitlement to shared parental pay at PwC (PwC full payroll cash) is unaffected by the level of pay an employee’s partner may receive from their employer. Employees may also be entitled to statutory pay for additional weeks leave depending on how leave and pay are shared, as per the statutory rules.

In order to qualify for full pay, employees must take a minimum 4 week continuous block and leave must be taken within a 22 week pay period starting from the birth/placement date/start of maternity/adoption leave.

In summary, all eligible parents can access up to a maximum of 22 weeks full pay based on a combination of maternity/adoption/paternity/shared parental leave.
Parental Leave
We also offer parental leave, which is unpaid and allows you to take up to 18 weeks leave per child. We operate the normal statutory rules which require one year’s service.
Qualifying periods, different types of employee, and clawbacks
Day one right or qualifying period?
  • Maternity/Adoption: 26 week qualifying period
  • Paternity: 26 week qualifying period
  • Parental Leave: 1 year qualifying period
  • Shared Parental Leave: 26 week qualifying period

  • Available to all employees?
  • Yes

  • Does pay need to be repaid if the employee does not return?
  • No