Career development

We will invest time in developing you throughout your career to ensure you remain relevant and stay ahead in this rapidly changing market.

As well as giving you access to professional and technical development programs and supporting you with on the job coaching, we are passionate about developing you as a leader sooner rather than later.  

This means from the early stages of your career you will have the opportunity to attend our award winning EMEA leadership programs run from France and Barcelona where you will learn and network with peers and colleagues from across the PwC network.

You will also gain access to our global learning platform where you can choose from a range of online resources that can be downloaded to your mobile any time.

Read on to learn more about the specific development opportunities available to you at each grade.


We have lots of programmes to help you develop and progress your career with us.


Professional qualification

We’ll support you through your professional qualification studies using the latest learning technologies and teaching methods so that you’re supported all the way.

Skills day

A one day event to help you reflect on your first 6 months with us, and learn about our leadership framework and the skills needed to be successful in your role as an associate (graduate trainee).

Experimentation Labs

These one day classroom based events are for Associates who are 10 months into their careers. Participants will discuss how to lead themselves and others, how to manage successful relationships and give/receive feedback.

Senior Associate


Our flagship 3 day residential event, held overseas, for newly promoted Senior Associates that focuses on Leadership skills.


Emerging Leaders

This is a talent programme for Managers. It explores what it takes to be a leader.

Senior Manager


A 3 day event held in Barcelona for SMs, focusing on 'Commercial Upskilling', 'Technology' and 'Leading Through Change'.


An EMEA wide key talent programme for nominated high potential Senior Managers. It covers 'Leading Self', 'Leading Others' & 'Leading Through Change'.


Transition to Partner

Advances Directors' progression by giving insight into strengths and development areas that will enable them to build and implement a 12-24 month Career and Personal Development Plan (CPDP).

Being a large, global oraganisation provides opportunities across different teams, business units, offices and countries.

Senior Associate Transfer Window

The Senior Associate Transfer Window is a career mobility programme that brings together opportunities from across all areas of our business and provides Senior Associates with a structured transfer process. It makes looking for a role outside of one's immediate team easier and provides transparent access to alternative careers paths, where available within the firm.

Attracting the best talent calls for more than just a good financial package and stimulating work. We've created an environment where all our people, can flourish.

Support networks

Networking contributes to personal and professional fulfilment, and success in the work place. We have 13 internal people networks that are open for any member of staff to join. They’re there to provide our people with a sense of community, inspiring and supporting each other.

Reverse mentoring programme

Having a culture that is inclusive is important to us, which is why we encourage our leaders to be mentored by grades below theirs. This helps to brings different ideas and perspectives to leadership decisions.

Understanding the PwC Deal

We believe in doing the right thing for our people. This is what we call ‘The Deal’. In other words, what you can expect from us, and what you give in return.

Understanding our purpose

Our purpose: To build trust in society and solve important problems. This purpose guides our decision-making and investment strategy for tomorrow, ensuring our ongoing relevance and leadership in the marketplace.

There are many tools and resources in place to help and support you through your career.

Careers service

Our in-house career and guidance specialists provide services ranging from 1:1 coaching for mock interviews and CV writing to advising on internal career moves.

Career Coach

Everyone is allocated a dedicated ‘Career Coach’ who’s there to discuss performance, coaching, development, well-being, and to help guide you in your career journey.

On-the-job training

Everyone receives on-going feedback and support to help them to do their job well. It’s an integral part of our 70:20:10 development and learning framework.