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Introducing great contractor talent to outstanding opportunities

Join our Contractor Network and be part of our extended workforce, on a non-permanent basis and across a wide-range of projects.

How we approach our work life is changing with the rise of a contingent workforce, and at PwC we’re adapting to that change. We’ve recognised that the traditional ways of working may not be right for everyone and want to continue to secure the best talent while offering the variety, experience and flexibility that suits you. Which is why we’re launching our contractor network.

As part of our contractor network you’ll hear about our latest vacancies and be able to own, manage and update your profile, making it easy to stay connected. You’ll receive a regular newsletter to make you feel part of PwC even when you’re not working with us. Whether you’re an experienced contractor or it’s your first time by contracting with PwC, you’ll feel part of a team. Whilst gaining valuable experience and working on a range of different projects, you’ll be helping to shape our business. There are three ways that you can contract with PwC depending on the role or job you’re performing, the project you are working on or your personal situation; as a personal services company (Ltd Consultant), as a temporary staff member under Pay As You Earn (PAYE) or as a fixed-term contractor (FTC).

There are 3 ways that you can contract with PwC depending on the role you’re performing, the project you are working on or your personal situation

As a Personal Services Company (Ltd Consultant)

Many of the contractors that we work with operate under their own personal services company. If you’re set up in this way our Managed Service Provider will make the arrangements and pay you via your Ltd Company. Because this is a business-to-business relationship, we don’t pay NI contributions on your behalf and nor will you be eligible for holidays etc. If you’re considering this working arrangement, we recommend that you seek advice from an independent accountant to make sure you comply fully with current legislation.

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As temporary staff under Pay As You Earn (PAYE) - agency worker

As a temporary member of staff, we’ll pay you an hourly or daily rate and make tax and NI contributions on your behalf . All temporary contracts are managed by our Managed Service Provider, so your Agency Worker Rights apply.

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Under a Fixed-Term Contract (FTC)

You'll be employed by PwC for a fixed term and you’ll have similar contractual terms as a permanent PwC employee. Depending on the length of the fixed term this will also include benefits although for those working on an FTC for a shorter period this won’t be possible but will be taken into account in setting your rate of pay.

As a FTC, there are important differences compared with other contract types, for example, as with a permanent employee, we’ll be more involved in directing and supervising your work on a day-to-day basis and the work is likely to be more variable. Your whole working time will be spent with PwC,and as with employees that means you can’t deliver services to other organisations, unless agreed with us.

If you’re interested in working with us as an FTC, you can search and apply for these opportunities using our main job board.


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Flexible Talent Network

Everyone’s lives are different. Maybe you have a start-up business that only takes up some of your time, or perhaps you volunteer and want to get paid work around volunteering? Or you could be a parent or carer taking time-out to support your family? Or are you semi-retired but still want to supplement your income? Maybe you’ve taken a career break and looking to get back into work?

There are all sorts of reasons why a traditional working pattern may not be quite right for you and why working more flexibly with us could be just what you were looking for. Our Flexible Talent Network (FTN) is one way we can support flexible working and provide mutual benefits – for you and for PwC.

To find out more about our Flexible Talent Network visit

Tell us how you want to work - at PwC we are happy to talk about flexible working. To find out more about our Flexible Talent Network visit our page.

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We're looking for people with experience in:

  • Oracle - E-Business Suite - Procure to Pay
  • Oracle - E-Business Suite - Order to Cash
  • Oracle - Fusion
  • Oracle - Integration Architecture
  • Customer
  • Customer - eCommerce and Marketing
  • Customer Journey
  • Customer - Front Office Transformation
  • User Experience/User interface design
  • SAP
  • SAP Master data management / data migration
  • SAP Master data governance
  • SAP Businessobjects Planning and Consolidation
  • SAP Solution Architecture
  • Advanced Business Application Programming
  • Programme management
  • Technology programme/project managers
  • Systems integration
  • Front office transformation
  • Complex procurement specialists
  • Tax
  • Tax Compliance
  • Private Client Tax
  • Indirect Advisory
  • Tax Accounting Services
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Tax Technology
  • Salesforce
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Configure Price Quote
  • Field Service Lightning
  • Salesforce Business Analysts
  • SalesCloud
  • CloudCraze
  • If you’re successful in your application here’s what you can expect.

    If you’ve been successful in your application we will start the required pre-engagement screening checks, which can take up to 10 working days. If any queries arise as a result of these checks then we will arrange a convenient time to discuss with you. Following completion of these checks, we’ll send you an offer letter and contract, along with any relevant non-disclosure agreements. You will separately be asked to complete ‘Embark’ information, which upon completion creates your staff ID and orders a laptop. In this link you will also complete information relating to being ‘fit and proper’ and ‘independent’ from our clients. Once all the paperwork is complete, we’ll be ready to get started.

    On your first day, you’ll receive a temporary security pass, a PwC laptop and a guide to help you get set up. The PwC laptop should be used for the duration of your contract - you will be required to complete some confirmation and compliance training when you first start. Please be aware that any client information or PwC data should not be sent to any personal accounts or stored on personal hardware. We’ll also set you up on our timesheet system, through which you’ll be paid (typically weekly, in arrears). Your manager will provide an engagement introduction, which should include:

    • Client background and engagement objectives
    • PwC values, engagement team structure, as well as colleague introductions
    • Quality and risk management standards and requirements
    • Your role and service delivery
    • Tools and methods you’ll be expected to use, as well as engagement documentation
    • How to complete timesheets (if applicable), with your manager as approver

    As with anyone working for PwC, regardless of their employment or engagement status, we expect the same quality of work and professionalism.  We’ll give you regular feedback on the services you provide, to help guide your efforts and make sure you meet these standards.

    You’re also responsible for recording the days you’ve worked along with the relevant client information. Your manager will forward these onto us so we can invoice the client. They’re also responsible for forwarding any travel-related costs you accrue during your time with us.

    Your manager will make sure you have everything you need to succeed. They’ll look over what you produce, provide immediate feedback and do whatever they can to make your PwC experience a great one.

    Things to note

    • Initial contracts may not be issued for longer than six months although they may be extended
    • Client-related expenses are payable separately from the daily rate and as agreed with your manager

    Who can join our contractor network?

    Anyone who is interested in contracting opportunities and are authorised to work in the UK, can sign up to our portal powered by Adepto

    What are the benefits of joining our contractor network?

    We have a dedicated recruitment team who will review your profile and will notify you of any matching opportunities based on the skills and preferences indicated in your profile.

    How long does a typical contractor role last?

    Assignments can be as short as a few weeks or much longer, depending on the requirements of the business.

    Can former employees and partners sign up to our contractor network?

    Absolutely, we welcome alumni to register and also forward a link to this page to your network if they are interested in contracting.

    I’m currently a contractor at PwC. Should I join your contractor network?

    Yes, as a valued contractor who is already familiar with PwC we need you to register so that we have your details on file and can match you to future opportunities.

    What types of contract roles do you have?

    We have a wide range of contractor positions available and rather than having to keep coming back to our website to search opportunities, keep your profile up to date and we will email you as soon as something that matches your skills and experience is available.

    After creating an account and a profile, who can see my information?

    All of your personal information is protected according to our privacy policy. Only recruiters and hiring managers will be able to see your profile. There is no public access to your PwC Adepto profile.

    What is the process after I submit my profile?

    Our team consists of recruiters who collaborate with hiring teams to understand the requirements for an open position. They will then search our contract worker portal and find a skills match between your work experience and qualifications with the job requirements. If there is a match, they will contact you to see if it is something you are interested in. It’s important that you notify us of your interest as quickly as possible so you don’t miss out on opportunities.

    Do I need to update my profile regularly?

    Ideally yes - in order for us to understand your current availability and the skills and experience that you have, we ask that you update your profile regularly. You will receive occasional prompts to update if you have not logged in for a while.

    Will I hear about contractor roles as they arise?

    If you’re registered with the Contractor Network you are then shortlisted based on skills and experience matching. If you are a match to a contractor role that we’re looking for then you will be texted and/or emailed, depending on your preferences. You can also follow us on LinkedIn where we post our opportunities. Keeping your CV and skills up to date is the best way to ensure you have the best opportunity for a role with us as a contract worker.

    If I am suitable for a role, how will I find out?

    By text and email, with information about the job that you have been matched with.

    Is there anything I can do to help make my profile stand out more?

    Make sure you keep your information relevant and up to date. As the system searches your skills to match you with jobs, make sure that you select all of the skills that are relevant for your background and experience. You will be prompted to add a minimum of 5 skills but we encourage you to select as many as you can for the matching to be optimised. Also, if you have recently completed a contract, be sure to update your profile with any new skills so we can match you with new opportunities.

    How do I track the status of my application?

    Log into your account and click on job requests and you will be able to see the latest status of all your applications.

    Will I receive a PwC laptop?

    If you start a contract role with us then you will receive a PwC laptop and this will be sent to your closest PwC office for collection.

    I’ve never contracted before, can I still join?

    Absolutely! If you’re new to contracting, this could be a great way of finding out the benefits of doing so. You’ll hear about the contractor roles that we have available and you can decide whether it is right for you.

    Can third parties/agencies submit contractors details?

    We work only with third parties/agencies with which the firm has a formal contractual relationship. Our portal is designed to put you in charge of your details so you can keep us up to date with new skills acquired and changes to your availability.

    What happens when I finish on my current contract?

    We encourage you to keep your profile as up to date as possible so that we have the most current details of your skills, role preferences and availability and can contact you as soon as we have more opportunities.

    I currently work for another company, will my current employer find out that I have registered with PwC?

    No, Adepto securely holds your data and does not share it with anyone else, unless you have given us permission to do so.

    Can I become a full time employee at PwC if I am a contractor?

    Depending on the needs of the firm and your performance as a contractor, there may be potential for full-time opportunities at PwC.

    As a contractor, will I be working on internal PwC projects or at a client of PwC?

    We offer both internal and client assignments.

    What do I do if I find another job?

    You can either stay in the Network and update your preferences, to show that you are no longer available. Or you can deactivate your account by going to ‘Account’ then ‘Deactivate’.

    How do I leave the Contractor Network?

    You can deactivate your account, under ‘Account’ on the main dashboard. If you have found another contractor role, it may be worthwhile staying in the pool so that you continue to hear about roles, and you can ignore them until your current role ends.

    Where do I find out about permanent roles?

    You can find out about our permanent roles at

    If I'm in this Contractor Network, can I still apply for roles through PwC’s website?

    Yes you can still apply for permanent roles through our careers website.

    Tell us about yourself

    Share your skills, availability and preferences for things like travel and rate. We’ll use this to connect you with roles that best fit when, where and how you like to work.

    Job matching

    Once you've registered, we'll review your details and consider your skills and experience with current and future opportunities. We'll get in touch to explain more about the opportunities and next steps.

    Let's work together

    Join us on a contract basis and you can help to solve our clients' most important problems. You'll work in an environment that will broaden your skills and develop your professional expertise.

    Register for our talent networks

    When completing your profile, please pick as many relevant skills as possible so we can best match you to your next opportunity.

    Our Flexible Talent Network (FTN) is one way we can support flexible working and provide mutual benefits – for you and for PwC.

    One way of doing this is to provide you with a way you can work to a timetable that suits you. Our Flexible Talent Network programme provides a great way for you to work for part of the year, and use the rest of the year for other things that matter to you.


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    Important working arrangements policy

    To all agencies and vendors: We will not accept the submission of agency CVs and will not be responsible for any fees related to unsolicited CVs.

    To all contractors: Working with us would be a temporary, non-permanent contractor assignment. As a contractor you will not be employed by PwC. You will be contracted via our preferred agency vendor.