Flexible Talent Network

We support a culture that encourages greater flexibility in the workplace.

Our Flexible Talent Network (FTN) is one way we can support flexible working and provide mutual benefits – for you and for PwC.

One way of doing this is to provide you with a way you can work to a timetable that suits you. Our Flexible Talent Network programme provides a great way for you to work for part of the year, and use the rest of the year for other things that matter to you.

Everyone’s lives are different. Maybe you have a start-up business that only takes up some of your time, or perhaps you volunteer and want to get paid work around volunteering? Or you could be a parent or carer taking time-out to support your family? Or are you semi-retired but still want to supplement your income?

There are all sorts of reasons why a traditional working pattern isn’t quite right for you and this is why our Flexible Talent Network could be just what you were looking for.



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About us and why we're interested in you

Our promise to you

  • We’ll provide full technical training on PwC’s audit methodology and systems.
  • We’ll stay in touch so that you’re abreast of any business changes we have.
  • The opportunity to work with our interesting and like-minded clients and the varied work that we’re commissioned to do for them.
  • The opportunity to work in an agile way, freeing up time outside your contract with PwC to pursue your other interests.

What's in it for us?

  • Qualified, talented professionals who we can deploy on a recurring basis, according to our business needs.
  • People we trust and have relationships with, to work with our clients and teams.
  • Seamless client service and continuity.

Who we're looking for

  • We're looking for Senior Associate and Manager grade
  • Qualified accountants.
  • Experience of working in Audit or Tax.
  • People seeking a flexible working pattern.

What we need from you

  • Your skills and experience as an accounting professional.
  • For you to keep in touch with your availability and any relevant new skills and experience that you may have acquired.
  • Your commitment and loyalty.

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Recruitment process

All our people need to demonstrate the skills and behaviours that support us in delivering our business strategy. This is important to the work we do for our business, and our clients. These skills and behaviours make up our global leadership framework, ‘The PwC Professional’.

  • After you’ve applied to the vacancy you’ll be prompted to answer some qualifying screening questions.
  • If successful, you’ll be invited for an interview. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet and talk to people from the business.

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What is the career progression like for an FTN member?

There is no career progression as an FTN member but will be provided with technical training. As FTN members return to PwC, they will have enhanced technical skills from the previous contract period.

What are the general guidelines for an FTN member's working hours and employment contract period?

As an FTN member you will work with us across the year on a basis that suits you and our clients. Our standard, full-time working hours are 35 hours per week. Please speak to our recruitment team about a flexible pattern that most suits you.

How will an FTN member be compensated?

FTN employees are paid competitively based on market conditions.

What benefit programs are FTN members eligible for?

FTN members who work 20 hours or more per week are eligible to participate in PwC’s pension scheme, flexible benefits scheme and other staff benefits. Most of these benefits are available from the FTN members’ start dates through the term of employment.

Are FTN members eligible for personal leave, holiday and sick time?

Compensation for personal leave, holiday and sick leave depends on contract arrangements and should be discussed with the recruiter.

Can FTN members be considered for traditional employment?

FTN positions are not temporary to permanent roles and should not be used as a means to a traditional opportunity. If you’re interested in a traditional opportunity, you should apply to a traditional open role.

What type of training will FTN members receive when they join PwC?

FTN members will receive an introduction to PwC focussed on our culture and values in your first week with us. Additional technical training will be based on line of service, grade, role and responsibilities and will be provided during the contract period.

Are FTN members eligible to participate in PwC training outside of their employment period?

Currently, FTN members are not eligible to participate in internal PwC training programmes outside of their employment period.

Are FTN members allowed to have dual employment while they are employed as an FTN employee with the PwC?

As with to traditional employees, in certain circumstances, PwC employees may be able to have dual employment based on market discretion. People wishing to do this need to agree in writing that they acknowledge they may not use PwC information, or equipment, in such an arrangement. Written approval must be obtained by a Partner supervisor who ascertains the nature of the employment and number of hours per week that will be spent on it. These cases are also subject to independence guidelines.

What is the onboarding plan for a new FTN member and for a recurring FTN member?

During the first contract period, an FTN member needs to complete most of the same onboarding requirements as our traditional employees. FTN’s will need to undertake the same independence reviews and background checks before joining as any new joiner.

What type of connectivity will FTN members have with PwC after their contract period?

Connectivity will include regular touch points and PwC communications.

What if I worked as a manager or in a more senior role for a previous employer?

You may have worked for a previous employer at a more senior grade. For this role you’d join as a Senior Associate grade. This role has the roles and responsibilities of a below manager job with us.

Will there be an opportunity to continue as an FTN member with PwC?

PwC are keen to build an ongoing relationship with FTN members. FTN members who meet the criteria may be entitled to a contract renewal.

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How to apply

Click here to register for opportunities within our Flexible Talent Network. We’ll email you when new opportunities open.


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