Senior Associates

The second step in your career is just as important as your first. Getting your first job is something to be proud of. Planning the second stage in your career, is just as important.

When searching for your second job you’re likely to have an informed view of what you’re looking for, and where you want your skills and experience to take you in the medium and long term.

A bit like dating, you’ll be looking for an employer to match your career aspirations. Somewhere you can hit the ground running, bringing value to your new employer with your knowledge, skills and experience, but also be stretched and challenged through interesting projects you’ll be working on. This is why we’re the perfect career match. We can provide all sorts of opportunities for people looking to join us at Senior Associate grade.

Senior Associates are a grade just below manager, they’re the cornerstone of our business, and the grade our graduate trainees move to once they’ve completed their training programme. Like our graduates, Senior Associates enjoy a structured training and development programme to support them in their career and their career aspirations.

Who we're looking for

You might be surprised by the diversity of opportunities available with us. If you have technology skills, and are interested in working in Cyber Security, Data and Analytics or perhaps Technology Consulting, this area of our business is fast-growing, which means lots of opportunities. Or perhaps you've recently qualified in your accounting exams and have the professional qualifications needed to join our Assurance or Tax practice.

We'd recommend you spend the time looking across all our business areas and specialist practices within them, to explore the breadth of opportunity we have available. Whichever area of our business you join, our scale and reach will help you enjoy incredible career variety.

We’re looking for people who will bring the enthusiasm, motivation and flexibility to seize the opportunities available. In return we’ll provide the tools and infrastructure to help you progress your career in the direction you'd like it to go, to help your reach your potential.

So if you’re thinking - ‘Where can I take my career?’, ‘How can I work on more interesting and complex projects?’ ‘How can I work with iconic clients and help them with their most important problems?', then we have something to offer you.


By now you may know where you want the next step in your career to be, and a good idea of where you could be best suited. Or, you may be open to hearing about all the different areas that your skills, experience and qualifications could be valued. If that's the case, we're happy to work with you and explore which of our business areas could be right for you, and support you in taking that second step in your career.

If you know where your skills are best suited, explore the jobs below.

Our purpose is to build trust in society. Providing decision makers with information they can trust and giving investors’ confidence. Our high-quality audit adds insight and value, and shows if a company is sustainable and profitable. And we work with organisations to deal with the heightened risk the continued demand for better corporate governance, accountability and transparency requires.

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We help our clients improve the way they operate, reduce costs, manage risks, leverage talent or fundamentally 'change the way they do business. The work you do will be all about helping organisations of all shapes and sizes work smarter and grow faster.

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Our Deals practice is focussed on supporting our client’s deals and crisis situations. Collectively, we deal with the types of situations you hear about regularly in the news. Ranging from take-over bids, mergers and acquisitions, fraud investigations, economic crime and regulatory investigations through to disputes between companies. Clients are equally wide ranging and include government offices, private equity houses, family businesses, financial institutions and multinational conglomerates.

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We're the UK's leading tax practice and our team of more than 3,300 people, use their expertise to cover every conceivable area of taxation. We help our clients answer the big business questions. How should we raise finance? Where should we be based? How should we reward our people?

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To deliver excellent client service, we need first-class internal operations and support. Our Internal Firm Services (IFS) network are the professionals who provide a vital role in making sure we have the right resources, services and technology we need.

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You'll enjoy continuous technical development and training on-the-job, throughout your career. 

Our flexible personalised learning helps you develop your skills in a variey of different ways.


We have lots of programmes to help you develop and progress your career with us.


Professional qualification

We’ll support you through your professional qualification studies usingthe latest learning technologies and teaching methods so that you’re supported all the way.

Skills day

A one day event to help you reflect on your first 6 months with us, and learn about our leadership framework and the skills needed to be a successful in your roles as an associate (graduate trainee).

Senior Associate


Our flagship leadership development and career planning event for people completing their graduate training programme.


Emerging Leaders

A two year leadership programme for our high potential managers.

Senior Manager

Emerging Leaders

A two year leadership programme for our high potential managers.

My Way

An EMEA wide key talent programme for nominated high potential senior managers.

My Genesis Park

A global leadership development programme for high potential senior managers and directors who are 2 - 4 years from anticipated partnership.


An event to prepare Senior Managers for promotion to Director.

Senior Manager

My Genesis Park

A global leadership development programme for high potential senior managers and directors who are 2 - 4 years from anticipated partnership.


An event to prepare Senior Managers for promotion to Director.

My Way

An EMEA wide key talent programme for nominated high potential senior managers.

Being a large, global oraganisation brings opportunities across existing teams, different business units, different offices and also abroad.

Transfer Window

Our Senior Associate career mobility programme to bring together opportunities across all areas of our business and provide a structured transfer process.

This is integral to who we are as an employer to provide ways for people to network, share and collaborate technical and business knowledge, as well as hobbies and interests, units, different offices and also abroad.

Support networks

There are all sorts of peer and support networks. From formal diversity groups, to social and lifestyle networks.

Celebrating your successes

Reaching a milestone in your career is an important achievement. Your local leadership and teams will want to celebrate your successes with you, as you progress your career with us.

Reverse mentoring programme

Having a culture that is inclusive is important to us, which is why we encourage our leaders to be mentored by the grades below them and brings different ideas and perspectives for approaching leading their businesses.

Understanding the PwC Deal

We believe in doing the right thing for our people. This is what we call ‘The Deal’. In other words, what you can expect from us, and what you give in return.

Understanding our purpose

Our purpose: To build trust in society and solve important problems, will also guide our decision-making and investment strategy for tomorrow, ensuring our ongoing relevance and leadership in the marketplace.

There are many tools and resources in place to help and support you through your career.

Careers service

Our in-house career and guidance specialists who provide 1:1 coaching for mock interviews and CV writing, through to advising on internal career moves.


Everyone is allocated a dedicated ‘People Manager’ who’s there discuss performance, coaching, potential and well-being, and helps guide your career in the direction that you want to take it.

On-the-job training

Everyone gets on-going feedback and support to do their job well. It’s an integral part of our 70:20:10 development and learning framework.

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