Our purpose is to build trust in society. We provide decision makers with information they can trust and give investors’ confidence.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of Assurance at PwC.

Organisations in every industry are feeling the impact of disruptive technologies. Our cutting edge technology helps our clients navigate regulatory complexity and strengthen trust and transparency. We embrace these technologies and recognise the benefits these give our clients. We give them confidence in an unpredictable world.

By joining us you’ll work in an environment that inspires you and be given an active role in designing and shaping the future of Assurance. You’ll have an exceptional career experience working with and learning from the best. We embrace diversity both in our people and the work you’ll do. We drive change through innovation, and it’s this imagination and creativity alongside the calibre of our staff that means we consistently win clients, giving you the opportunity to work with market leading companies and leverage our global network.

Our culture drives our success and gives us a sustainable advantage, and we want to create an environment where our employees feel empowered to work in a way that works for our clients, teams and you personally. We support different ways of working to make sure we’re staying relevant in the workforce of tomorrow - which is why we’ve introduced Everyday Flexibility our informal, day-to-day flexible working. It’s about working smarter and being agile to deliver exceptional client service whilst balancing work and life. Our technology enables us to work in different ways, and by using them to their fullest we see the benefits. To support our flexible work environment we’ve evolved our dress code policy to “dress for the day”. This policy reflects the trust we have in our employees to decide what they think is appropriate given their daily responsibilities.

In Assurance you'll have access to our new learning and development platform Vantage. Vantage is a single, “one stop shop” that provides our people with quick and easy access to training, anywhere and anytime, with the best content for your learning needs.


PwC careers in Assurance

Hear from our people about their careers in Assurance at PwC; their biggest challenges, achievements, and why they recommend a career in Assurance at PwC.


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Assurance is so much more than numbers. From assessing the sustainability of a supply chain, to the carbon footprint of a business, to compliance with their own internal governance policies, we help our clients to better understand their organisations’ culture and performance to help to achieve their full potential.

Our role impacts everyone’s lives and it’s work that really matters. In this constantly evolving environment, Assurance offers you a diverse career working with a wide range of businesses and industries. The variety provides the opportunity to develop a broad range of effective business skills and enables our people to excel across the breadth of work Assurance offers.

In addition to our mainstream Assurance business we also have our specialist teams which include: Public Services, Risk Assurance, External Audit, Capital Markets Group, Actuarial Services, Assurance Risk and Quality, and Financial Services Risk and Regulation.


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