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The tax landscape is constantly changing.

Your knowledge will help high-profile organisations, entrepreneurs and family businesses understand complex rules and make informed decisions with significant impacts. You’ll also help governments ensure the efficient operation of tax systems and use your insight to solve long-term problems.

Our expertise covers every conceivable area of taxation, with more than 4,000 tax experts proactively engaging in the tax policy debate and focused on leading views and new ideas. We’re looking for people who are flexible, ready to build strong relationships and networks, and demonstrate leadership. Working in Tax means you’ll be at the forefront of new developments and legislation, helping our clients – from international businesses to wealthy individuals – plan for the future and manage their tax affairs effectively.

Although you’ll initially be aligned to one part of our Tax practice, mobility and gaining a range of experiences is an important part of working in Tax. You may learn from different clients and develop your transferable skills by working outside your core tax competency.


Talk to clients on the phone and face-to-face

A lot of the work we do in Tax is influenced by the law

You’ll work towards a Chartered Accountancy qualification awarded by Chartered Accountants Ireland

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