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We recognise that to bring value to our clients, we need to provide the best advice around technological innovation.

With us, you’ll be at the forefront of new initiatives and explore emerging technologies and trends to help businesses. Whether that’s helping clients understand how technology can help them unlock their potential and protect their businesses, provide insight or help steer strategy.

Forensic Technology: we develop technology, to help our clients in times of crisis, and understand past challenges to proactively prevent future ones – our ability to provide specialist advice is critical. Our Forensic Technology teams include: Forensic Data Analytics, eDiscovery, Data Discovery and Legal Technology.

Information Technology: you’ll get exposure to PwC as a business and gain experience in some of the following teams: Service Delivery, the Projects group, Technology, Design and Architecture, the Operations group and Data Intelligence. You’ll work alongside, and learn from, an experienced team working on a range of PwC projects.

PwC Research: is our global centre of excellence for bespoke end-to-end market research, modelling, analytics, and insight for national and global clients. You’ll help clients to better understand their customers, employees and market channels.

Rights Management: as part of our global team of licensing professionals, you’ll conduct software reviews across a range of multinational companies. You’ll work to capture the relevant software applications deployed across an organisation, and ensure they are being used in accordance with the license restrictions.


Help our clients explore how they can harness new technologies, and use them to their advantage

No matter what your degree subject, we’re looking for people who are excited about harnessing opportunities

We’ll make sure your career gets off to the right start in one of our Technology teams

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