Attracting the best people calls for more than just a good financial package and stimulating work.

We've created an environment where all our people, whatever their commitments outside of work, can flourish. From flexible hours and career breaks to job sharing and homeworking, we're committed to providing a truly healthy work life balance.

We know through our regular in-house surveys that achieving a satisfactory balance between building a successful career and enjoying life away from work is a high priority for our people.

But achieving a sense of balance is a very personal thing; it's about choice and flexibility. To facilitate this choice and maximise flexibility we offer 'PwC Lifestyle' - a web-based source of self-help ideas, information and tools to help employees make lifestyle decisions, cope with different life events and generally make the best use of their time both at work and outside. 'Lifestyle' covers such areas as:

  • Caring and parenting
  • Work-life integration
  • Your health and fitness (including playing sports)
  • Your finances
  • Managing time and stress.

My PwC

What does a day PwC involve? Our people take to their cameras to give you an insight into their daily lives at PwC.


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